how did the world come to be

Existence: Where did we come from?

Apr 15, According to legend, the Paramatman or Supreme Being was sacrificed in a huge bonfire set by the gods, and thus was the world created. The story of Rangi and Papa and the creation of the universe, told by indigenous New Zealand sand artist Marcus Winter. The moon was created from the mind of the paramatman. His eyes became the Vicki Garlock. Jun 28, According to the standard Big Bang model, the universe was born during a period of inflation that began about billion years ago. Like a rapidly expanding balloon, it .

If you become aware of the fact that the life gradually evolved from how did the world come to be organisms, you know what came first.

Both the hen and the egg came into existence at the same time. The egg is the part of the hen which was divided from it and it is similar to unicellular organisms of protozoa. But the animals are multicellular, much more developed organisms whose birth of life is more complicated but in principle it is exactly the same process of division.

After apparent digression from the topic about coming into existence of material we came to division. And just that is very important for establishment of material because as we have to talk about material generally, we have to say that material of every kind consists of the exactly same particles which are energetically divided into two groups: positive protons and negative electrons. If we find division into opposite polarities in main building particles of atoms, we have to find it in everything which is formed from them, similarly to principle of division of unicellular organisms in every organism which exist in the world.

Therefore, we find every how did the world come to be of material divided into contrasts: tough soft, hot cold, light dark If we talk about positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons, we still talk about energy not about material. Material particles neutrons come into existence by effect of positive and negative particles which, by their division of original unity extend emptiness into two sides, into positive and negative energy.

All particles of how to raid in minecraft constantly come into existence and extinct and it is the same with come into existence and extinct of matter which is not such firm and changeless as it seems to be. I suppose you know the law of action and reaction. If not, just imagine two forces pushing each against the other.

If one of them is bigger, it will move the object on which they affect both. It is the state similar to state of matter before it has came into existence. And now, here is that promised example in which we explain in plain words how the material could come into existence in vacuum, thus in place where was nothing to be used for matter to come into existence. But at first some theory: perhaps you remember the word sinusoid which says about curved line mapping alternating voltage which is once positive and once negative.

Such alternating wave motion can be compared with waving of metal plate with which you move quickly from neutral position by turning forwards into positive position and backwards negative positionwhat will create a sound. There is a very interesting way of disturbance elimination from highways in cities nowadays. The traffic noise is recorded by microphones, then it is amplified and transmitted by loud-speakers towards the city. Perhaps you think that it will make even bigger noise but this method of disturbance elimination really works.

How is it possible? The noise from loud-speakers is transmitted exactly in opposite wave. While there is a noise from road in plus wave, the noise from loud-speakers is transmitted in opposite, minus wave, and if there is the noise of traffic in minus wave, the noise from loud-speaker is again in the same, but positive wave.

The positive waves thrust through with negative waves and they stand how to set up a chicken brooder each other. What is the result? Of course, it is not absolute silence, but in spite of this fact, this is highly effective method. It is similar as if you waved the metal plate and someone would force every time the same power against your power.

The immovable and noiseless metal plate would be the result. And this is what it happens with noise elimination of traffic - we stand one power against the other. The same principle works with coming into existence of matter in vacuum where it is divided into both positive and negative how to wire fuel pump to oil pressure switch and the material is produced in such energetic strain.

Of course, there is the energy necessary which is important for the forming of the matter. Something cannot be how did the world come to be out of nothing so also energy for forming the matter has the Source what is the best rear axle ratio for towing which it originates.

We talk about the change or transformation similar to the creation of sound from the movement of metal plate or membrane of loud-speaker, the principle is the same.

Also in this case there was at first noise emptiness and only after transformation of the energy of motion the sound was created. Our senses are able to perceive only what is of the same kind, that means only material things and their display. Just because we are unable to perceive energy transforming into the matter, it does not mean that the energy does not exist. The light, for example, which is reflected off the mass surface we perceive it only in very limited range nm and we are not able to see neither the ultra-violet nm nor infrared radiation nm.

Our hearing is limited similarly Hz and we are not able to hear the broadcasting of the radio or television while we do not transform it into perceivable range which is used by radio and television receivers. So, apparently nothing from which the matter comes into existence is not nothing, but only invisible and unheard raying for us, out of the range of our material senses.

Of course, the man is in a position to receive the higher vibration, too, but not by his material senses. The inner essence of the man is made from higher, spiritual energy as well as the energy of which is the material developed. The mass is making only some material visible cover of this energy. Because of its higher how did the world come to be, the spiritual can affect on the lower energies where the material belongs too, and it can control it.

Let you do not think that I speak fiction, have a look on how you yourself do affect on the matter by your spiritual power and control it. For example when you want to drink, your hand itself puts the glass itself to your mouth and give you to drink. Or if you want to go somewhere, do you have to think how to rise your legs or control some of your muscles or coordinate function of millions of cells and without their participation you would not make a step?

People who reached the perfection in any sphere of life said that everything is made by itself. A painter says that the picture paints itself; a musician knows that his hands play themselves; a runner feels he does how did the world come to be run himself Everyone who attains such knowledge wanted only to express by their words simple truth, that they are not the material, but someone behind the matter who control it.

The musician does not play by his hands but he feels music by his spirit and his hands plays what he feels itself; the painter just looks at pictures which he perceives by his spirit and his vision creates the visible pictures in front of him and transforms into material form by the moving of the brushes; the runner fights against his human weakness in spiritual fight while his body runs according to his inner disposition like in trance Articles perception knowledge life human practical bible religion thoughts Tales Stories Songs.

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A new window on the universe: waves of gravity. The most promising clue to our cosmic origins may be the tiny gravity waves set in motion during the Big Bang itself. These ripples of gravity have eluded detection so far, but NASA aims to look for them with the LISA . Jul 20, Observational evidence to confirm the idea that the universe had a very dense beginning came in October , with the discovery of a faint background of microwaves throughout space. Apr 22, It didnt just happen, nor was it an accident; it was created by a deliberate and purposeful act on the part of God. And God didnt just form it out of a shapeless mass of material that somehow already existed; He created it from nothing. Think of it: God willed for the worlds to come into existenceand they did! God spokeand it happened!

On all scales in the Universe, from our local neighborhood to the interstellar medium to individual This is an unexplained mystery. When you look out at the vastness of the Universe, at the planets, stars, galaxies, and all there is out there, one obvious question screams for an explanation: why is there something instead of nothing? The problem gets even worse when you consider the laws of physics governing our Universe, which appear to be completely symmetric between matter and antimatter.

Clearly, we exist, as do the stars and galaxies we see, so something must have created more matter than antimatter, making the Universe we know possible. But how did it happen? It's one of the Universe's greatest mysteries, but one that we're closer than ever to solving. The matter and energy content in the Universe at the present time left and at earlier times Note the presence of dark energy, dark matter, and the prevalence of normal matter over antimatter, which is so minute it does not contribute at any of the times shown.

It seems like an impossibility. On one hand, there is no known way, given the particles and their interactions in the Universe, to make more matter than antimatter. On the other hand, everything we see is definitely made of matter and not antimatter. Here's how we know. We actually observe this annihilation in some locations, but only around hyper-energetic sources that produce matter and antimatter in equal amounts, like around massive black holes.

When the antimatter runs into matter in the Universe, it produces gamma rays of very specific frequencies, which we can then detect. Whether in clusters, galaxies, our own stellar neighborhood or our Solar System, we have tremendous, There can be no doubt: everything in the Universe is matter-dominated. On larger scales of galaxies and galaxy clusters, for example the constraints are less stringent but still very strong.

Whether within our So somehow, even though we aren't entirely sure how, we had to have created more matter than antimatter in the Universe's past. Which is made even more confusing by the fact that the symmetry between matter and antimatter, in terms of particle physics, is even more explicit than you might think. For example:.

The particles and antiparticles of the Standard Model obey all sorts of conservation laws, but there But we know that it must be possible; the only question is how it happened.

In the late s, physicist Andrei Sakharov identified three conditions necessary for baryogenesis, or the creation of more baryons protons and neutrons than anti-baryons. They are as follows:. The second one is easy, too, since " C " symmetry replacing particles with antiparticles and " CP " symmetry replacing particles with mirror-reflected antiparticles are both violated in the weak interactions.

A normal meson spins counterclockwise about its North Pole and then decays with an electron being Applying C-symmetry replaces the particles with antiparticles, which means we should have an antimeson spinning counterclockwise about its North Pole decay by emitting a positron in the North direction. Similarly, P-symmetry flips what we see in a mirror. If particles and antiparticles do not behave exactly the same under C, P, or CP symmetries, that symmetry is said to be violated.

Thus far, only the weak interaction violates any of the three. That leaves the question of how to violate baryon number. In the Standard Model of particle physics, despite the observed conservation of baryon number, there isn't an explicit conservation law for either that or lepton number where a lepton is a particle like an electron or a neutrino. Instead, it's only the difference between baryons and leptons, B - L , that's conserved.

So under the right circumstances, you can not only make extra protons, you can make the electrons you need to go with them. What those circumstances are is still a mystery, however. In the early stages of the Universe, we fully expect equal amounts of matter and antimatter to exist, with very high speeds and energies.

At the high temperatures achieved in the very young Universe, not only can particles and photons be As the Universe expands and cools, unstable particles, once created in great abundance, will decay. If the right conditions are met, they can lead to an excess of matter over antimatter, even where there was none initially. There three leading possibilities for how this excess of matter over antimatter could have emerged:.

These scenarios all have some elements in common, so let's walk through the last one, just as an example, to see what could have happened. In addition to the other particles in the Universe, if the idea of a Grand Unified Theory applies to If grand unification is true, then there ought to be new, super-heavy particles, called X and Y , which have both baryon-like and lepton-like properties.

There also ought to be their antimatter counterparts: anti- X and anti- Y , with the opposite B - L numbers and the opposite charges, but the same mass and lifetime. These particle-antiparticle pairs can be created in great abundance at high enough energies, and then will decay at later times. So your Universe can be filled with them, and then they'll decay. If we allow X and Y particles to decay into the quarks and lepton combinations shown, their But if CP is violated, the decay pathways or the percentage of particles decaying one way versus another can be different for the X and Y particles compared to the anti-X and anti-Y particles, resulting in a net production of baryons over antibaryons and leptons over antileptons.

If your X -particle has two pathways: decaying into two up quarks or an anti-down quark and a positron, then the anti- X has to have two corresponding pathways: two anti-up quarks or a down quark and an electron. Notice that the X has B - L of two-thirds in both cases, while the anti- X has negative two-thirds.

But there is one important difference that's allowed with C - and CP -violation: the X could be more likely to decay into two up quarks than the anti- X is to decay into two anti-up quarks, while the anti- X could be more likely to decay into a down quark and an electron than the X is to decay into an anti-down quark and a positron.

If the particles decayed away according to the mechanism described above, we would be left with an After the excess particleantiparticle pairs annihilated away matched up with dotted red lines , we would be left with an excess of up-and-down quarks, which compose protons and neutrons in combinations of upupdown and updowndown, respectively, and electrons, which will match the protons in number.

In other words, you can start with a completely symmetric Universe, one that obeys all the known laws of physics and that spontaneously creates matter-and-antimatter only in equal-and-opposite pairs, and wind up with an excess of matter over antimatter in the end.

We have multiple possible pathways to success, but it's very likely that nature only needed one of them to give us our Universe. The fact that we exist and are made of matter is indisputable; the question of why our Universe contains something matter instead of nothing from an equal mix of matter and antimatter is one that must have an answer.

This century, advances in precision electroweak testing, collider technology, and experiments probing particle physics beyond the Standard Model may reveal exactly how it happened.

And when it does, one of the greatest mysteries in all of existence will finally have a solution. I have won numerous awards for science writing. I have won numerous awards for science writing since for my blog, Starts With A Bang , including the award for best science blog by the Institute of Physics. Follow me on Twitter startswithabang. This is a BETA experience. You may opt-out by clicking here.

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