how to apply eyeshadow to get smokey eyes

Oct 22,  · Beginners Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply EyeshadowSUBSCRIBE it’s FREE PLEASE NOTE: Due to My Chronic. Mar 18,  · While the black smokey eye makes blue eyes appear a deeper shade and for perfect day and night, this warm shade always looks good. Firstly use the cream-based eye shadow in light bronze or gold. Then use the round brush to apply the shadow and to press into the inner corners of your eyes.

We show the perfect technique in the article. Smokey Eyes are a makeup technique that can be applied easily and quickly with kohl, mascara and eye how to apply eyeshadow to get smokey eyes. The special thing: The dark eyeshadow frame around the eyes, which creates a great contrast to the white of the eye. Depending on how dark we make them up, Smokey Eyes are suitable for both a day and evening look.

No wonder, then, that there are always new variations of the make-up trend. Those who like it edgy and classic, for example, choose black, while soft shades such as brown, blue or green are also suitable for the everyday office look. Eyeliners in bright colors can also make eye make-up exciting. If you want to try Smokey Eyes yourself, you should first have how to apply eyeshadow to get smokey eyes the important make-up and styling products at hand.

This is what you need for the perfect eye makeup:. Careful priming is important so that the eye make-up stays in place for hours and does not smear or deposit in small wrinkles.

Our tip: If you are not so skilled in drawing eyeliner or if you like it even more wicked, you should use kohl. Eyeliner professionals use a liquid and waterproof eyeliner. It lasts for hours. Finally, apply mascara to the eyelashes and accentuate the eyebrows with a gel or wax. The Smokey Eyes are ready! In the video we show you two Smokey Eyes variants — one for during the day and one for in the evening. If black is too intense for smokey eyes: Great alternative variants for smoky made-up eyes are smokey eyes in gray or dark brown, green, blue or purple tones.

The colors become brighter and more intense. Color is used as a fashion statement in make-up — whether as eyeliner, mascara or lipstick. What does anya mean in russian is exciting here is that special effects are in the foreground: Absolute trendsetting are extremely matt, glittering, but also metallic effects.

Small color info: Brown suits most people, as well as purple, as what shoes are made of as the eyes are not reddened. Harmonious with green and brown eyes: green tones. Blue goes well with blue and brown eyes. But then choose a darker kohl, for example in anthracite. And with green Smokey Eyes, brown mascara is best. The color intensity can be gradually increased with eyeshadow, especially when applied with a brush foam applicators bring the same amount of color to the eyelid.

Metallic eyeshadows act like highlighters, matt colors bring more depth. If the lashes are then mascaraed close to the base, you save the kajal stroke. If you want an even simpler look and if you want to make it a bit punkishthe Smokey Eye effect can be applied with Kajal.

To make sure that the eye shadow is blended correctly and gives the eyes a beautiful finish, the right brushes should be used. A fine, very thin brush with slanted bristles e. A broad, round eyeshadow brush e. We combine the make-up technique of Smokey Eyes with more subtle tones. The soft Smokey Eyes look is ready. In order to prevent the Soft Smokey Eyes from becoming too expressive, you should use lighter tones for the colors than for normal Smokey Eyes. Subtle brown tones, how can i get more traffic to my facebook page shades of grey or even colors like eggplant are ideal.

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What are Smokey Eyes?

Apr 08,  · Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | Parts of the Eye | How To Apply EyeshadowSUBSCRIBE it’s FREE PLEASE NOTE: Due to My Chronic Illness.

Last Updated: July 2, References. This article was co-authored by Charina Redugerio. She has conducted makeup for numerous fashion week shows, editorial shoots, and one-on-one client makeovers. She has worked and trained with several global celebrity makeup artists including Dior's Ricky Wilson.

There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. When it comes to sexy, sultry makeup looks, it's hard to top the smokey eye. If you're new to makeup, though, pulling off the look can be intimidating -- it's just so easy to wind up looking like you got punched in the eye. The key to successfully applying smokey eyeshadow is choosing the right shades and knowing exactly where to apply each.

With practice, you can create a perfect smokey eye in no time. To apply smokey eyeshadow, start by choosing a dark color palette to work with. Next, apply a creamy pencil liner to your upper and lower lash line and smudge it with a small brush, your finger, or a cotton ball. Then, use a small, flat brush to sweep your eyeshadow across your lid.

In order to avoid harsh lines and achieve a smokey effect, use a small, fluffy crease brush to blend the eyeshadow up into the crease of the lid using a circular motion. Finally, apply 1 to 2 coats of mascara to open up your eyes, since dark eye shadows can make your eyes look smaller.

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By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Choose a dark color palette. To create a smokey eye, you will need to work with a dark palette. A traditional smokey eye uses blacks and grays, but you can use dark hues of almost any color. Browns, golds, purples, greens, and navy blues all also work well for smokey eyes.

You will need a dark eyeliner, a medium-dark eyeshadow, and highlight shadow in the same color group to make your smokey eye. If you have very fair skin, a mid-tone shadow may be dark enough for a smokey eye with your complexion.

Consider your eye color, as well. For instance, if you have brown eyes, you can make them stand out by creating a smokey eye with purple and golden brown tones. Think about how you want to wear your smokey eye. A lighter, more subtle look could be dressed up or down during the daytime, while a very dark, dramatic smokey eye can be a bold statement when you plan to go out for the night.

Smudge eyeliner along your lash lines. A basic smokey eye usually starts with eyeliner. Use a creamy pencil liner, and run it along your upper and lower lash lines. You should keep the liner thinner on the lower lash line, but you can go a little thicker across the upper lash line.

Next, smudge the liner with a small brush, your finger, or a cotton bud to soften it. Sweep a dark shade across your lid. The key to a smokey eye is using darker powder eyeshadows that give your eyes a sultry look.

Use a small, flat brush to apply your chosen shade across your entire lid, even over the smudged liner. Concentrate more of the pigment on the outer corner of your eye, leaving the inner half of the lid lighter.

It's a lot easier to build up to the coverage you want, rather than trying to remove it if it's too dark. Blend the shadow up to the crease. Once your shadow is on your lid, you'll need to blend it out to get rid of any harsh lines and create that smokey effect. Use a small, fluffy crease brush to blend the eyeshadow from the lid up into the crease using a circular, buffing motion.

Highlight the brow bone and inner corner. Depending on your skin tone, apply an ivory, cream, or beige shade with a small brush to those areas. A matte shade is the best bet, but a satin or slight shimmer finish can also work well.

Curl your lashes and add mascara. Because dark shadows can tend to make the eyes look smaller, you want to open them up as much as possible. Start by using an eyelash curler to curl and lift your lashes.

Next, apply your favorite mascara to lengthen and thicken the look of your lashes so they can stand out against the dark eye makeup. Make sure not to apply too much, though, or lashes may start to clump. Method 2 of Use an eye primer. Before you apply any shadows to your eyes, dab on an eye primer.

It will form a barrier between the oils in your lid and the shadow, so it stays looking fresh. Primer can also help intensify the shadows that you layer over it. Next, dust the lids with translucent powder to create a smooth base. Use a light base shade over the entire lid. To begin your smokey eye look, choose a light shade of powdered eyeshadow that flatters your skin tone, such as a white, ivory, cream, beige, or tan. Use a brush or a sponge-tip applicator to apply it over the entire eyelid, from your upper lashline to under your brow.

Dab a little in the inner corner of your eyes as well. Press a medium dark shade over the base of your eyelid. Start to add depth to your eye look by applying a medium dark tone to your eyelid with a flat shader brush or a sponge-tip applicator.

Keep the shadow on the lid and crease area, so your brow bone remains brightened by the base shade. You may want to apply multiple layers of the medium dark shade to get it to the depth and intensity that you prefer.

The pigment should be darkest near your lashes and fade gradually in the crease so that it blends seamlessly with the lighter shade. Apply the darkest shade to the outer corner and crease. Use a pointed crease brush to work the shade into the outer corner of the eye. Start at the outer edge of the lash line and create a diagonal line toward the end of your brow.

When you reach the crease, drag the brush inward to darken up that area. Make sure to blend the dark shadow well, so there are no harsh lines or edges. Line your upper lashline. Use a creamy eyeliner pencil in black or another dark shade to add definition to your upper lashes, moving from the outer corner to the inner corner. The color should be at least as dark as your darkest shadow, if not darker.

Smudge out the liner, and then press a powder shadow in a similar color to the liner over it with a small pencil brush to darken it up further. You can use a brush or a cotton swab to smudge the liner. Add liner to your lower lashline. With the same pencil that you used on your upper lashline, line your lower lashes. Keep the liner as close to your lashline as possible, though. Next, use a brush or cotton swab to soften the line to give it a smokier look. If you want a really sultry smokey eye, consider applying the dark eyeliner to your inside rim of your lower lash line, also known as the water line.

Pull lightly on your lower lid to expose the area, and gently run the liner over it. Apply mascara or false lashes.

Finish off your smokey eye by defining your lashes. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes, and apply several coats of your favorite black mascara.

Don't forget to apply a little mascara to your lower lashes too.

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