how to downgrade psp official firmware

Nov 17, †Ј If for some reason your PSP is something other than (on the Home screen, go to Settings, then System Settings, then click on System Information to see what firmware is currently installed), initiate an update to the latest version. We want to . Dec 01, †Ј The first thing that we want to do is find out your current firmware version. Boot up your PSP to the XMB (cross media bar, the home menu) and scroll all the way to the left to what I call the УsettingsФ column. From there, go to УSystem SettingsФ and УSystem InformationФ. Your УSystem SoftwareФ is equivalent to your firmware.

Join us for the tastiest gaming disucssions and news every Tuesday. Dowhgrade sure to subscribe and keep watch for emails about special streams. Home D. November 17, at am D. After all, the PSP never how to get a stroke make much of a splash and by now most people have probably forgotten about it. But if you still pick yours up from time to time like I do, this article might just be the beginning of breathing some new life into this dusty old handheld.

Realizing the potential for the PSP to be exploited, How to straighten warped lumber did their best to keep users from doing anything original on the device through the use of firmware updates. Now that the pspp is essentially obsolete, no further firmware updates are being made available, downtrade Sony has tinkered with the PSP enough to cause several compatibility issues when using the latest firmware, version 6.

At some point though, Datel ceased updating their device and it will not work with versions 6. Custom firmware is designed by a slew of clever individuals and pushes the capabilities of the PSP beyond anything Sony imagined. Many custom firmwares require a specific version of official firmware to be installed first, so if you plan ofgicial doing more than seeking out a few homebrews and cheating like ocficial with the Action Replay, you may want to download and downgrade to something other than 6.

Before we begin, I caution you to proceed at how to downgrade psp official firmware ro risk. Follow the directions carefully. Although this project entails some risk, PSPs are fairly cheap used. This procedure will work when downgrading to very early how to downgrade psp official firmware of PSP firmware, but downgradf be as safe as possible, I recommend going no lower than version 6.

This should be adequate for most uses. Downgrading in this manner will not work for the PSP Go. The PSP Go will require specialized files for the earlier firmware. This method is intended only for the PSP, and models. My PSP is a module 01, and the current firmware was version 6. I downgraded to 6. The first thing we need to tackle is determining what PSP module we have.

This is irrespective of the model type and must be done with a special program. First, download the module checker. Next, connect your PSP to your computer. Press X, and lfficial should now see an option for the Module Checker. Press X again. Your number will be one of the following:. Notice the absence of If your module number is any of the others, we can continue to downgrade to 6.

Different modules determine just how low the unit can be downgraded, but I recommend going only to 6. Next we need to download 2 more files. This file will downgrade any PSP with 6. If for some reason your PSP is something other than 6. Hoow want to make sure that version how to downgrade psp official firmware. With the downgraded downloaded, now we need to choose which firmware we want to install.

Depending on your module number, different options are available. For most cases, 6. Anything below 5. Download version 6. With the 2 files we need in tow, go ahead and plug the PSP into the ogficial again. Set this window aside, and open up the downgrader file. Again, it is not necessary to extract. XX Downgrader v4. It needs to be in all caps. Press X. How to attach shelves to cinder block wall should see 2 choices.

Simply press O and the PSP will reboot. In rare cases the screen may go blank after ofifcial reboot. If this happens, press Start, Select, Triangle, and Square simultaneously.

To make sure everything went smoothly, go back to the System Settings options and verify that firmwaare older version is now installed.

Written by The Cubist. Find out what these ratings mean and how I rate video games. I collect as vowngrade video what is the easternmost national park in the us paraphernalia as I can get my hands on, especially when it comes to hardware.

Email me anytime, about anything: thecubist nerdbacon. This looks like a great guide to hack my PSP but I ran into a problem after following all of the steps. Since my PSP dodngrade running 0. Has anyone run into this problem before? Any help downgrqde be appreciated. Your email address will not be published. Your Website. Special Events None at this time Be sure to subscribe and keep watch for emails about special streams.

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May 29, †Ј Steps to downgrade Firmware of PSP Connect your PSP to the computer. On your PSP Memory Stick, go to PSP -> GAME and paste the Chronoswitch Downgrader folder here. Now in PSP -> GAME, make a new folder named UPDATE and paste the file in it. Nov 21, †Ј A quick update to the PSP Downgrader is out. Developer qwikrazor87 has released a new version that now supports firmware to downgrading. Also for those with other model PSP's the downgrader is capable of downgrading any PSP to its base firmware version and tested till as low as Here is a quote by qwikrazor87 via the source.

By Tranced on Jan 20, at AM. A quick update to the PSP 6. Developer qwikrazor87 has released a new version that now supports firmware 6. Also for those with other model PSP's the downgrader is capable of downgrading any PSP to its base firmware version and tested till as low as 5.

Here is a quote by qwikrazor87 via the source below. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 4, Tranced , Jan 20, The Contest will consist of a 2 month development period and span across 4 categories. Then to round out the last category there is "Utilities" and this one is open to both applications and plugins. Update 1. We have seen the family of Grand Theft Auto Series make the journey to the PS Vita with various ports and techniques but have we been missing one from the PSP era in the form of a native port?

His 6. Not sure why it hasn't been reported here as all apps are working great. Not sure why Sony released this finally as the firmware is over 3 years old according to the build date. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Latest: mrjaredbeta, Apr 17, at PM. Compatibility List. General PS3 Discussion.

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