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Jun 12,  · How to fold a shirt under 2 seconds. This step by step guide shows you how to fold a shirt very quickly. Works on all short sleeved tops including t-shirts a. Jan 11,  · Lay the shirt flat. Spread the T-shirt or other short-sleeved shirt out on a flat surface such as a clean table, with the front of the shirt visible. Stand so the neck of the shirt is on your right, and the bottom of the shirt is on your left. %(28).

Whether you're travelling and want to save space in your suitcase or you just want to know how to fold your T- shirts properly, read our guide below. There you have it gents — 4 ways to keep your shirts looking neat and wrinkle-free for years to come! Every man owns one. The Basic Fold. Lay your shirt face down and how to fold a shirt quickly out any wrinkles.

Imagine a vertical line running down the center of the shirt and then fold it in half along this line so the opposing sleeves touch. You should now have something that resembles a t-shirt cut in half. Fold the sleeves back and over the body before folding the whole garment in half again, lengthwise.

The Marine Roll. As you may have guessed, the Marine Roll is taught in the military and is a neat and efficient way to pack your t-shirts when space is at a premium.

Folding your t-shirts properly is great if you're travelling have limited storage but the best way to avoid fold lines and to ensure your shirt remains wrinkle-free is to hang it up.

Make sure you use plastic or wooden how to delete sent items in outlook express — never wire. And shoulder nipples are never a good look. The 2-Second Fold. This is a tricky technique and even more even more tricky to explain so ensure you watch the tutorial and practice, practice, practice.

#4. The 2-Second Fold

Jan 04,  · Welcome to my blog: me on Twitter: me on G+: Lay your t-shirt shirt face up. Fold up the bottom hem 3 inches. Start on the left hand side and fold the sleeve and t shirt over, 1/3 of the way across the shirt. Smooth out any creases.

Last Updated: March 29, References. This article has been viewed , times. Folding clothes is one of those things that a lot of us do on autopilot until one day we finally stop and wonder: is there a better way? The answer is definitely yes! Below we'll teach you how to fold your clothes—shirts, pants, socks, all of them—way faster than before so needlessly long laundry days become a thing of the past.

To fold a t-shirt quickly, lay it face up from left to right with the right side facing you. Pinch the right side in between the sleeve seam and collar with your left hand while pinching the middle with your right hand.

Keeping both hands parallel, swing your left hand under your right and pinch the bottom of the shirt with your left hand. Next, uncross your arms, lift the shirt slightly, and rest the shirt on top of the left side so it folds on itself. If you want to learn how to quickly fold your pants and socks, scroll down!

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Start by putting all of your clothes laid out or in a pile to get started. After pulling clothes out of the dryer, pile the clothes on your bed so you can easily get to them and fold them one by one. Have a space cleared so you can fold them well. You'll need a space on your bed big enough to lay pants out flat. This way there's plenty of room to fold each pair of pants properly.

Now that you have a space cleared, take a shirt from the pile. To fold a T-shirt , lay it flat with the front side facing up. Have the shirt facing left and right, with the right side of the shirt pointing towards you,.

Pinch the shirt at the middle and the top. First, pinch the shirt near the collar, on its right side, in-between the sleeve seam and the collar, with your left hand. Then with your right hand, pinch a point in middle of the shirt horizontally across from where you left hand is. To reiterate, you should have your left hand pinching near the collar, and your right hand pinching the middle of the shirt, halfway between the top and bottom, a few inches away from the side seam.

Pinch the bottom of the shirt. Swing your left hand under your right arm, still tightly holding the top of the shirt. Pinch the bottom of the shirt, a few inches away from the side seam, so that your left hand is now pinching both the top and bottom of the shirt. At first, this movement might take some practice to get right.

Eventually, you'll be able to it quickly and seamlessly. Finish the fold. Uncross your arms by swinging your left hand back to its original position. Make sure you're holding both points on the shirt tightly with your hands. As you uncross your arms, lift the shirt slightly with both hands.

After your arm are uncrossed, lie the shirt on top of the left side so that it's folded on itself. You'll want to practice at a slow speed, making sure to get each step right. Once you've got it down, do each movement swiftly, and you'll be folding fast in no time. This type of folding comes handy when you want to fold T-shirts for travel as it keeps the garment flat when folded and allows you to fold quite a few shirts in a very short time.

Part 2 of Having all your clothes in one pile, and a space to fold them close by will speed up your folding process, allowing you to go through each piece of clothing in rapid succession. Lay the pants flat on the space cleared on the bed. Make sure that the buttons are buttoned and the zipper is zippered.

Fold one leg onto the other. Now that they are laid flat, take one pant leg and place it on top of the other. Fold the pants in half twice. Grab the waistline and fold it down to the hole for your legs. Then take hold of the knee area and lift so that the pants fold in half once more. This method only has three folds, making it simple and easy to do quickly. Once you've got the hang of it, the three folds can be done quickly one after another. Part 3 of Having all your clothes in one pile, and a space to fold them close by will speed up your folding process, allowing you to go through each piece of clothing in ra.

Lay it flat with the front side facing down. Have the two sleeves pointing straight out from the shirt. Fold the shirt over. Take one of the sleeves and lay it on the other sleeve.

Don't fold the shirt completely half, but just about one third over, so that the folded over sleeve reaches two-thirds of the way across the other sleeve.

Fold the sleeve down. Take the folded over sleeve and bring down so that it runs down the length of the shirt vertically. Fold the shirt in half. Grab the edge of the shirt with the sleeve still facing out. Grab it at the top and bottom with two hands and then fold it back on itself so that the edge meets the other sleeve that is folded vertically.

Finish this fold by folding the sleeve that is pointed out down so that it runs vertically along the length of the shirt. Make the shirt a little shorter by folding about six inches of the bottom up the shirt.

Then fold the whole thing in half so that the bottom meets the top. Try to get the movements down fast enough that you can grab shirts one after another, fold the sleeves, and fold the whole thing in half, quickly and smoothly.

Part 4 of Gather all of your socks in a pile. To speed up your folding process, get all your socks within reaching distance, in one convenient pile. This will prevent the awkward step of searching for socks in the pile of the rest of your laundry while you're folding.

Quickly separate your socks into pairs. Now that you've got all your socks in a big pile, sort through them. Just grab all the socks and throw the pairs on top of each other, giving your sock pile some order. Grab a pair of socks. Take one pair of socks from the pile. Lay them on top of each other on an empty area of the bed, in front of you. Perform the ball fold. With one of the socks lying on top of the other, grab both socks, held together, at the top by the openings.

Then just pull one of the socks inside out, so that the side of the sock that is touching the other sock wraps around the other sock.

Pull the sock opening all the way down the two socks. Part 5 of Lay a sleeveless top on the folding space in front of you. This method works on tank tops and other sleeveless-style shirts.

Grab one from the pile and put it in the space you've cleared to fold. Fold the shirt once. Grab the shirt by the top, where the collar is.

Pull the top down the shirt, not all the way down, but just far enough so that the entire section of the shirt where your arms would go is folded down.

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