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How To Increase Your Driver Distance

Apr 08, Another way to increase distance in your golf game is a faster tempo. This may seem counterintuitive because you hear people say slow down all the time. If you are too slow, it will be hard to. The golf swing is a highly athletic move, people may argue that golf isnt a sport but they are simply wrong. Working in the gym can help you develop the power and speed in your swing which will result in more distance if you can work that speed into your swing.

It seems counter-intuitive, but slowing down your golf swing could help you hit the ball farther. Do you find yourself swinging your golf club harder and faster in an attempt to improve your distance?

Although it seems intuitive that swinging harder and faster should improve distance, slowing down your swing is actually a better strategy. This is because good form contributes to distance just as much as speed. If you swing fast before mastering proper form, you'll just be performing poor swings faster. When you strain to hit the ball harder, your arms outpace your body. This prevents you from making good contact with the ball and how to get more distance in golf swing to tense wrists and elbows, which decrease your swing arc and keep you from driving straight through the ball.

Next time you watch the pros, pay attention to their tempo. Many pros have wide, slower-looking swings that still send the ball far. That kind of effortless power comes from years of mastering tempo and form. Practice your slower golf swing without how to get more distance in golf swing ball. Visualize and practice the speed you use to toss a ball underhand about 12 eistance.

That should give you a rough idea of proper swing tempo. Spend a round of golf experimenting now your slower swing. Aim for about 75 percent of your maximum speed. Focus on keeping your elbows and wrists loose to achieve a wider arc, and make sure to finish with a distancs follow-through, keeping your spine vertical. Test your new golf swing with a different club. Slower swings should keep your ball going straight and far, which might mean you need to rethink which club you choose for a given shot.

Use the same speed and form with every club. This will give you a better sense of each club's true range. Also, focus more on keeping your swing fluid than on hitting the go. If you shift your focus mors to hitting the ball, you're liable to start swinging at percent again.

That said, don't swing too easy75 percent should still translate to a hard, square shot. The key to correct tempo is consistency. Do not rush your downswing. A full arc should be formed at roughly the nore speed.

This increases your chances of hitting the ball with the sweet spot of your club and decreases the chance of spin. Above all, practice. Don't be discouraged if your first few slow how to make homemade chocolate pancakes are awkward.

Any change takes time, but if you stick with it, the results will be worth the investment. Jow Players. AP Images Do you find yourself swinging your golf club distahce and faster in an attempt to improve your distance? How to clean uggs youtube Images. Bailey is also an avid golfer and golf instructor.

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Tips for Proper Golf Swing Tempo

Feb 20, Spend a round of golf experimenting with your slower swing. Aim for about 75 percent of your maximum speed. Focus on keeping your elbows and wrists loose to achieve a wider arc, and make Author: Melinda Bailey. Jul 09, Distance in golf comes from speed, not force. A tour player's body rotates 7 to 12 miles per hour in the downswing. If you rely on your body turn to make the club move fast, you'll never hit the. Apr 12, The best way to add more distance is to maximize the swing speed and the efficiency of the strike. Of course spin rates and launch angles play a major role in overall distance as well, but once you have the speed, those are easier to adjust with the right launch monitors.

Full Leaderboard. Snap Your Swing For Distance. July 08, Share this story: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Most golfers think power comes from turning the body hard on the downswing so it drags the arms and club through impact.

Truth is, that's the weakest way to hit the ball. The most powerful way is to start your arms down and let your body actually stop to create a slinging action at impact. I call it snap speed. This is not a new concept. The fastest moves you make in everyday life use the speed of your hands and arms. Your body is powerful, but it doesn't accelerate quickly. Distance in golf comes from speed, not force.

A tour player's body rotates 7 to 12 miles per hour in the downswing. If you rely on your body turn to make the club move fast, you'll never hit the ball anywhere. Your body has to brake on the downswing so the energy you're creating moves out to the club. Consider a few examples of acceleration. Snapping a towel comes from your hand stopping, even pulling backward, which sends the speed out to the tip of the towel.

To throw a Frisbee, you swing your arm to a dead stop and snap your wrist. Picture a test car running into a cement wall and the crash dummies going through the windshield.

In all these actions, there's a braking. That's what puts the energy into the object. If everything kept going forward, there'd be no transfer of speed, no snap. And that's how so many golfers swing. Zach Johnson, whom I've worked with since , is a great example of snap speed. He's not a long hitter, but he's in the top 10 on tour in a stat called total distance efficiency, which means he optimizes his speed at impact.

If you want more distance, you've got to snap it like Zach. In every sport where you need speeda baseball pitch, a tennis stroke, a javelin throwthe body leans away from the target in the windup. It's the first domino in creating snap speed. To maintain that tilt to your right, you need to turn your hips without letting them sway and keep your head still. A good feel is that your right hip turns behind you and toward the target left. The center of your hips shouldn't actually move, but to turn them in place, it helps to feel like your right hip pushes toward the target as it rotates.

Couple that with a steady head, and your spine will stay tilted to the right. The spine tilt sets up the other critical position at the top: Your hands need to be "deep," or well to the inside. Not high and over your right shoulder, but more around and behind you.

Imagine you're set up with your rear end against a wall. Your hands would go deep enough to bump the wall. This deep position, which a good hip turn promotes, allows you to swing down in a straight line to the ball. Before any braking, there needs to be acceleration in a straight line. Think of the towel or the Frisbee: You swing forward first, then brake to add speed. Your hips will move forward a little, but only a twitch so they can support the arm swing.

It's like the sprinter putting his foot in a block: The hips get in position so the legs can push against the ground. Without that resistance, the arms can't start down very fast. Notice Zach's hips are facing the ball, not twisted way open left. I've never seen a player who didn't move the hips on the downswing, so don't worry about hip action. The move you need to learn is starting the arms down fast.

If the arms go, the hips will respond. This bracing of the hips is the first braking action in the downswing. But it's not a conscious move. Focus on accelerating your arms to the ball, and your hips will naturally stop. Remember, there has to be a braking to transfer speed, and the hips brake first. You'll know you're doing it right if you feel heavy on your feetas if you were making footprints in wet concrete.

When the lower body braces and the arms go fast, the club moves at a degree angle to the spine. We know from high-school physics that the fastest way to swing an object is 90 degrees to its axis. So let the hips brake, and you'll accelerate faster. The feeling here is a firming up of the left side, from hip to shoulder. Imagine someone holding your left shoulder in place as you swing down.

The goal is to get your chest facing the ball at impact, not turned open. The last piece that creates snap speed is the arms stopping. The best image for this is: Pound the leading edge of the club into the ground. See how Zach's hands are ahead of the clubhead and his left shoulder is posted up left. Like the hips, the shoulder braces so the arms can push against it and fling the energy down. How can I say anything stops when the body clearly moves to the finish?

Because each part starts up againhips, then shoulders, then armsto support the motion through the ball. If you focus on swinging your arms fast, the braking and restarting occur naturally. The body is supporting, not driving. A final example. How do you jump from a squat position? You throw your arms up fast, then explode off the ground. You don't jump and then add your arms. That's what a lot of golfers do: They turn hard, and then try to get the arms through.

Speed comes from the armsand the body braking in the correct sequence. Practice hitting balls with a normal backswing and no turn after impact. You won't believe how far you'll hit the ball. Hold an alignment stick like a spear. If you try to stick the ground in front of you, your spine will stay tilted right.

That's where the leverage is. When your arm stops to fling the spear, you'll feel the acceleration. Feel heavy on your feet as you swing down.

Your body stops, and the energy goes to your arm, then to the ball. Practice stopping right at the headcover. You'll feel a firm left side and your body brakinghips, then shoulders, then arms.

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