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How to Manufacture a Physical Product in China in 2020

Dec 15,  · Since then, I've honed down a process of getting custom parts made in China that are high quality, on spec and on budget. Here's a 5-step process Author: Aaron Aders. Apr 03,  · If you had to get something made, you had to go overseas, usually to China. This has changed in the last few years. Local manufacturing activity has picked up, especially in the US. It is now possible to get some products made by domestic manufacturers at relatively affordable prices. The choice is still not clear-cut, however. Both domestic Author: Jesse Ness.

That can mean a lot of different things to do different people, but usually this comes in the form of freelancing or niche sites. I traveled to China to meetup with some friends and to find factory that made them to consider starting a business around it myself.

In this post, Ryan goes over what it took to go from idea to physical product, to launch. I emailed Ryan some questions I was curious about as it relates to how he built the watches and the company, here were his responses. Thankfully for me, the largest trade show in China The Canton Fair was just a quick train ride away. Spanning over three weeks with three different phases, you can literally find any and all products there.

If you do decide to invest in a trip to attend the fair, the key is to have a well established game plan prior to going. I can still vividly remember the first time I walked into that massive complex and having no idea where to begin.

However, if you come prepared with specific products in mind you can get started from day one meeting with suppliers and setting up visits later that week. For those without the start-up budget to travel and attend a sourcing fair, other alternatives do exist.

This is great place to start. This is why going to someplace like the Canton Fair is so nice, because you can feel samples of other products and get what is a procurement manager job description idea of the quality. Sean and I went through literally dozens of watch manufacturers and only found a handful that were up to my standards for Original Grain. I have a couple American friends who do nothing but sourcing for a living, getting in touch with someone like that will ensure that you enter the process with your eyes wide open.

This initial idea goes way back to my original research into the watch market and stemmed from the fact that there was minimal competition. The evolution was definitely a little more complicated than that, but at the end of the day my goal was to offer an innovative and simply better alternative to the current wood watches available, that you could wear day in and day out in any situation.

The design process was easily one of the most exciting parts about taking the watch from concept to physical how to get product manufactured in china. If how to get product manufactured in china want to create it, you can find a factory to make it. Factories are generally very helpful when it comes to developing your product. In my experience with these watches specifically, they had an in-house team of designers that were able to help refine things prior to making a prototype.

As a side note, having someone who can speak the native language is essential if you need a lot of help with this. This is also another benefit of being close to the manufacturer, I could hop on a train and meet in person with the team that was actually creating my watch.

What sets you watch apart from other similar watches? Inspiration, high quality materials etc. The number one thing that sets my watch apart from others is the design. It truly is unique. Second, these watches offer a much higher quality feel than what are sabrett hot dogs made of competitors.

We source the majority of our materials and parts from around the world, and the factories were a huge help in facilitating that how to become a licensed real estate agent in ohio. We wanted the watch to be reliable, and still affordable. How to get product manufactured in china we went with one of the most well-regarded Japanese movements out there.

We also sourced our own wood from various countries. I had the initial idea back how to get product manufactured in china May of when Sean was in China, sat how to get product manufactured in china it for awhile, and then decided to really make it happen in July of that year. You have to understand the fact these factories are extremely goof at what they do and can pump things out in a hurry.

Once I had the initial designs ready, it took about a month to receive a prototype. The majority of your time will be spent tweaking designs and finalizing everything. For example, I had to purchase new molds for the case and band, I shaved off fractions of a millimeter from the wood bezel, and slightly altered my face designs.

All of which takes time. Of course the cheaper your how to get product manufactured in china unit cost is, the higher the How to shop for cigars and vice-versa.

If you have the ability to do the design yourself then you can factor out that cost. Prototypes can add up quickly if you need to make a lot of adjustments. For example, I had to purchase molds for my watch case and band in order to get the exact specifications I wanted.

Then purchase samples to test color combinations and different face designs. Quality control comes down to your preference, time, and location. For me, I was able to be on the ground from start to finish. But for most I assume this is not the case. I would suggest for those who are not able to either go visit the factory at all or do quality control, hire out someone to do this for them.

Absolutely do not try and what you need for permit test this from your home country and outsource with no help from someone on the ground. And I strongly advise you make a visit to see your factory at some point.

That would easily get you through the design stage, into factory samples and prototypes with more precise specifications, and a final product with packaging. So, prior to launch that was my number one priority. I reached out to everyone I knew. I told them all about my project and launch date, and really tried to get as many people to contribute in the first few hours of going live as I could.

No one wants to be the first person to join something, so if I could get the people that had already committed to donating to do so early, I knew that could be a big factor in building momentum. First and foremost, let me come right out and say that I literally had zero hours, minutes, or seconds in video editing experience prior to making our Kickstarter video. That being said, I too was please with the finished version. One piece of advice I can give when it comes to making a video for Kickstarter, is do your research.

Watch countless videos, especially projects similar to yours that were successfuland see what they did. Take bits and pieces from their videos and craft a unique story. People want to connect with you on another level beyond your awesome product.

Continuing to build my online presence will remain a priority, however I now have a lot more leverage in finding retailers to carry my brand. I welcome an questions people have about the manufacturing process or strategies surrounding the Kickstarter campaign, and will get back to everyone as quickly as possible.

We spent a lot of hours on Tuk Tuks and in the back of buses talking about how he was going to approach this launch, and obviously he did a lot of things right.

Ryan was also cool enough to how to get product manufactured in china me a prototype of the maple design, and I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Want to learn how to do the same thing Ryan did? Awesome story. Ryan, do you know Chinese, or did you work with an interpreter to help navigate the Chinese factories and the Canton Fair? Most of the representatives for the factories at the Canton Fair speak English. I never had any issues what to wear with lace when I was there.

I know you worked your butt off and you more than deserve this. Now go out and make this into a worldwide brand success. To your massive success! Awesome article. You are right that there are not many sites written about this.

Many of the friends I know who live in Guangzhou or Hong Kong tend to how to reset game center data existing items already. As for importing items, I hear that foreign wine is increasing in demand. I know someone who is starting to do that if you want a new contact in Guangzhou. I can shoot him a message on facebook and your email address if you want.

Sean, thanks for sharing this and congratulations Ryan. I really appreciate you sharing actual numbers ie. As someone who is looking to try to break in to this arena, this post is an invaluable blueprint.

Thanks for the inspiration and expertise! You guys are truly doing your thing. A great article! Great story! I have been wanting to have a product manufactured in China — basically, Ukrainian magnetic alphabet letters you can put on your refrigerator. I was wondering the same question as Orysia i. Thanks for sharing! My question is what about the copy or imitation. Once you launch your product what would happen with other people or suppliers that can replicate your idea.

What did you think about that? I have some great ideas for new bamboo products but have not had much success finding suppliers and feel I lack so much in business knowledge and trying to do this alone. I do feel it would be smart to go in person and I really would like to partner with a few others that have basic experience and knowledge and connections but this is risky too! I have provisional patent and maybe kickstart would give me more opportunities.

I never want to borrow money from friends as this seems to be an easy way to loose friends if all does not pan out. I just came back from Thailand. Vacation and showing around how to get product manufactured in china cousin and visiting my uncle doing charity work. All the while, I was how to record video tapes onto dvd about how to launch my KickStarter project.

Inspiring to hear your story and see how you accomplished it step by step! Thanks so much for sharing your story!!

The Number One Mistake First Timers Make When Manufacturing a Product in China…

If anyone needs a product manufactured in China, is the most recommended service by Amazon sellers and experts. We handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. We source the product from suppliers, negotiate pricing, manage production, perform quality control inspections, help with packaging, bundling. Mar 05,  · Alibaba connects you with manufacturers from China. It’s a common marketplace to find existing products, but you can also use Alibaba to connect with manufacturers to create custom products. Simply search for the products you’re looking for and browse through the various suppliers and manufacturers. It’s easy to safely buy from Corey Ferreira.

Most of the world's best inventors are power users of their craft, experts and garage tinkerers - but rarely do these folks understand how to set up supply chains and get custom parts made in China to bring their dream gadget to reality.

I found myself in this situation two years ago when I invented the LEIF eSnowboard and had zero dollars in investment - I was simply priced out of local machine shops.

Since then, I've honed down a process of getting custom parts made in China that are high quality, on spec and on budget. Here's a 5-step process that I use to generate high quality parts over the Internet with a Chinese engineer. At a high level - it's really all about communication. Sure there are some suppliers out there that simply cannot reach the quality you need no matter how hard they try, but after sourcing dozens of parts I've only come by this once. Excellent communication is the only way to get parts done right the first time.

Websites like MFG. Communication is still a big area of weakness when sourcing parts in China for the first time. Unless you speak Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese btw most engineers are from Hong Kong, so mandarin is mostly useless then photos and screenshots are your best friend with communication. Imagine that you are trying to explain your drawings in person - you'd probably use a ton of hand gestures, pointing and short phrases right? Annotated screenshots and photos are how you gesture in the digital space.

Don't believe that simply sending a 3D model will do the job on communication. You see, tight tolerances are very expensive - like getting within 0. You don't want or need to go to the tightest tolerance on every dimension of your part.

The Chinese manufacturers know this as well, so if you don't tell them anything regarding tolerances then you will end up with either 1 a cheap part without any tight tolerances or 2 a very expensive part with tight tolerances everywhere. You need to fall somewhere in the middle. Most tight tolerances are only needed for press fits or bearing slots.

Otherwise, looser and cheaper tolerances work. Use arrows and text on photos or screenshots to point out critical areas and tolerances. If you are pressing a bearing or working with an off-the-shelf part - make a note of what part you are using and the engineer will be able to get one and test on the part in China.

Your engineer may even be able to build your part on their side if you are using enough off-the-shelf parts. Apple's native Preview application annotates images very easily and I'm sure there is a PC equivalent out there. Over-communicate your needs and confirm that the engineer understands these requirements. Arrows and text will work wonders with digital communication. Creating a bid on MFG is simple. All you need is a 3D file of your part.

STP is the most universal file type , material and quantity to submit a bid. Be sure to include your notes so these manufacturers know the tolerance requirements up front.

Be ready to make more notes for the candidate suppliers. You will likely have a variety of plastic, metal and electronic parts - so you should have a different supplier for each category. Bundling these parts by manufacturing operation will get better quotes and take advantage of volume pricing. Dismiss anyone that claims they can do it all.

There are manufacturers out there that can do it all - but they aren't on MFG. The engineers on MFG are small, hungry experts in a specific trade that are willing to do short runs. Bids will start rolling in about 24 hours after you post. Remember that China is exactly 12 hours off the Eastern time zone. Therefore, your main communication will take place from 8pm EST until you pretty much can't open your eyes anymore.

If you are in a hurry, then it is a grind. MFG organizes bids inside their system. I like to keep all vendor communication inside MFG so that I can easily track down communication or notes when needed the future. Payment terms are typically upfront costs for molds if necessary and samples. The samples shouldn't cost more than the negotiated part cost in production. You shouldn't have to put a deposit on the production run until you're satisfied with the samples. On top of all that, sample shipping is expensive - so the next step is very important.

It is so frustrating to get your samples in the mail and find a part that is clearly off spec. Now you need to wait weeks for another sample!

This can be easily avoided by what I call the 9-photo digital sample. It is easy - just require that your engineer take 9, and no less than 9, photos from different angles.

I've found that if they take 9 photos of the part then rarely anything will be missed. If you want to be super thorough about it then have them take photos with calipers to prove critical measurements.

I've even gone as far as having suppliers make short video clips of specific mechanics to prove their parts can work correctly! Finally the fun part! You've gotten your samples and testing them, but always be sure to mark who provided which sample. In my excitement of un-boxing, I've made this mistake a few times and have had to painfully go back and track down who made what. This can be impossible if the parts are otherwise undistinguishable from each other. Overall, MFG is a great place that empowers inventors to make their dreams come true on a budget.

Always ask if there is an existing off-the-shelf part that you can use. I have gotten lucky a few times like this and got to skip the entire process for that part. Otherwise, work my system and cut down development time significantly. Innovate Creativity Invent Design Pivot. Top Stories. Top Videos. Getty Images. Step 4: Before samples ship, get a 9-photo digital sample. Sponsored Business Content.

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