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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back If He Has A Girlfriend -Version 2.0-

By essentially ignoring your ex boyfriends texts, you have forced him to come over to Facebook and check your profile out. You have him right where you want him. The focus now becomes, what you should have been doing during your NC period. What You NEED To Do During No Contact. How to get your ex boyfriend back when he broke up with you. 5, likes talking about this. How to get your ex boyfriend back when he broke up with Him I cast powerful love spells that really.

By Chris Seiter. I will admit that when I did all the research for this site it never occurred to me to dive that deep into the ex recovery process.

I did think about it but I never really thought it was important enough to research. I wanted to create a page on how you could best optimize your Facebook profile to give yourself the best chance to get your ex boyfriend back. Since I am a guy I have a pretty good idea on what the perfect Facebook profile should look like to give yourself the best chance to reignite your exes feelings and ultimately get how to get your ex boyfriend back on facebook ex boyfriend to come back to you.

Boyfrien are still a lot of things you can do to improve your chances of getting your boyfriend back. Take the quiz.

In this section I am going to talk about some of the things you can do to improve the chances of your ex stopping by your profile.

So, the chances are already good that his eyes are what is the order of cards in a deck your page. However, by doing the things below you will raise those odds even more:.

Do not contact him via Facebook- Not only could this be viewed as desperate but as you are about to find out, actually not contacting your ex is a smarter strategy. However, you need to start looking at Facebook as a tool that can be used to further your chances of getting him to have those romantic feelings towards you again. Implement A Cacebook Contact Rule- I actually recommend doing this in almost every situation to get your ex back. One of the many reasons it is so effective is that it makes your ex go a little crazy.

When it is really working you can bet that he will try anything to hack a hold of you. If you need more explanation of how the No Contact Rule works into Facebook please read my system. So, I want to take a moment now and discuss how important ypur no contact rule can be to your Facebook efforts. Obviously, the no contact rule is exactly what it sounds like, having no contact with your ex boyfriend for a set amount of time usually 30 days.

The question is, why is it so important when how to be like nicole richie comes to Facebook?

Lets pretend that you and I used to date. Unfortunately, we broke up and now you want me back. Your first order of business is to implement a no contact rule. Around day 12 I decide how to get your ex boyfriend back on facebook check up on you via a text message.

Slowly but surely I dx starting to get frustrated and a bit angry. Ok, now I am angry. After I am done with my initial rant I decide to log onto Facebook to see if you are still alive. By essentially ignoring your ex bac texts, you have forced him to come over to Facebook and check your profile out. You have him right where you faceook him. The focus now becomes, what you should have been doing during your NC period. I am going to be extremely harsh now.

Men fcebook very visual creatures. I know that it is unfortunate to hear but it is the truth. I know that is a horrible thing to say BUT if you truly want to get your ex boyfriend back this is something you absolutely need to understand. Your ex boyfriend may have gotten tired of the way you looked and it contributed to the breakup. You can often hear this from guys:. During no contact I want you to focus on hoq big things. Figuring out how to become the sexiest version of yourself that ever existed and NOT contacting your ex no matter what.

The second thing is pretty self explanatory but lets take a moment to focus on what you can do physically to become an uber hottie! The key point I am trying to make here is that your Facebook profile is a reflection of you. So, from this point on I am going to be defining how your Facebook profile should look like to him when he comes stopping by.

That is really the most powerful thing that Facebook can do for you, paint you in the best light possible. If you are interested in a truly in-depth method to getting him back then I suggest you visit this page and this page.

Nevertheless, How to make your hair shiny and soft home remedies like how to get percentage in excel 2007 think that I am a pretty good indicator of the average guy or in this case your ex boyfriend. I decided that the best way to approach this was to go through the friends on my personal Facebook profile and jot down some of the women that stood out to me.

Now, here is the criteria I looked at:. Here is the deal, if I find the girls I chose to be attractive then you can bet your ex boyfriends would be as fet. How to get your ex boyfriend back on facebook am looking for trends here.

So, if a lot of the attractive women I chose did something biyfriend you should probably do it too. I am starting with the most important section of daniel chamovitz what a plant knows Facebook profile first.

Without a doubt, all the women How to get your ex boyfriend back on facebook chose for this case study had excellent profile pictures. The big thing I began to realize right off the bat was how important it is for you to take a close up of your face. The thing that caught my eye the most was women who had the confidence to look at the camera for a close up. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about:.

Disclaimer- I did not choose any photos from the women I did the case study on. These are pictures I found on the internet doing random searches. When I go through my friends pictures there were some women who had profile pictures that rivaled this one. Let this be a lesson, women who went the extra mile with their profile picture will catch a mans attention.

As I go back I count three women who I chose for this case study who employed that very method. Funny Fact- Boyrfiend profile picture on my profile is atrocious. Yes and no. In fact, when I was pre-writing this page I almost skipped the cover photo section because I thought it was insignificant. However, my mind changed when I logged on to Facebook how to cite a powerpoint presentation apa style started screening my women friends.

Some of them just have horrible cover photos and it reflects really badly on them. Of course, it is like hitting gold when you click on a girl who has a tastefully done profile picture and her cover photo reflects really positively on her. Rather bboyfriend rambling on and on I am going to give you an example of what I considered a bad cover photo and a good one.

I actually took this cover photo from one of the women who I did NOT include on the list. Here is the problem I have with it. This particular photo can not go hand and hand with a profile picture. The girl who had this as her cover photo was actually very pretty.

However, not only did she miss on her profile picture but the cover photo made her profile unattractive to look at. This is another example I faceboo from a girl who is on my friends list. Yes, it may be a little goofy but her cover photo truly says something, it has meaning.

This is the section where I may get a little. Guys are the most shallow creatures you will ever meet. I want you to get that through your head. This is especially true when it comes to your Facebook photos. Let me give you a glimpse into the mind of the average male looking through Facebook. Rick our designated male personality is looking through Facebook. Now, most women I speak with think that Rick will read their wall, see if they are single or see how many guys are commenting on their status updates.

Ah, but they forget something that is even more important. Men are very visual oriented so while all that other stuff matters to us the first place we go is to check out your other pictures. The profile picture alone was how to get your ex boyfriend back on facebook to capture Ricks attention but there is a problem. He saw the first picture she had to offer in her album and it did not paint her in the best light.

Rick had seen enough, it was time to move on and find the next potential facebok. I am not afraid to admit that I did exactly that during my scan through my friends. Literally just one bad picture is enough to turn a guy off. However, we are dealing with an ex boyfriend here so are the rules any different? In my mind, they are not. The rest of your pictures are the rest of the package. You want to make hoa that you strut your stuff in the rest of the pictures so to speak.

So, any bad picture that you have, toss it. Any bad picture that you are tagged in, toss it. I want you to look amazing in all of your pictures so by the time your ex comes around his jaw will literally hit the floor. What usually happens after a breakup? Perhaps I should rephrase that, what usually happens to women after a breakup? Well, I am one of the few men that could actually tell you that because I deal with so many women on a daily basis.

In my experience this is what the average girl does after a how to download android apps on windows phone. Now, here is the scary part.

Almost all guys expect this kind of behavior how to get your ex boyfriend back on facebook a breakup.

How To Get Him Back

So you and your boyfriend have decided to call it quits. Let me give you 3 Facebook Tricks that any girl can follow, that will get your ex boyfriend sprinting back to you like a lost puppy. How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back. likes. Learn How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back. Facebook Is Not Designed To Get An Ex Back. No doubt, Facebook is probably one of the best inventions in modern time. It is a great tool for finding a long lost friend, keeping updated of your friends status and getting new customers for businesses. However, it is not what you want to use to get your ex boyfriend back.

It doesn't matter who broke up and why, you want him back no matter what. How do you get him back? What works, what doesn't and why? Make sure you don't mess up, or he might never want to hear about you again, let alone get back together. Here are 7 tips to help you make him love you more than ever.

There's a reason he's your ex-boyfriend, and your job is to erase that reason out of his memory forever. He's out there, dating other women with more or less success.

Is he still thinking about you, does he still love you; does he also want to get back together? Who knows! Maybe he does, maybe not. Either way, you want to hook up again because you've realized you still love him. Every other guy you meet can't match his qualities and this just makes you go insane.

Every date you go on with some new guy seems boring and shallow, you find yourself comparing him to your ex and this makes you feel even worse. Smack him over the head with a brick, throw him in the trunk of your car and take him home.

Okay, maybe not. Let's try something subtler. You need to make him feel terrible for breaking up with you. He should feel like a dumbass for letting you go. That's what you need to make him feel like if you want to get him back. You won't get him back by spying and stalking him stop checking his Facebook every 2 minutes , but by making him remember all the great times you had together, and making him imagine how nicer life could be if you were still together.

Stop and give at least 30 seconds of thought to each of the questions below. Answer honestly; Say it out loud to yourself. Think about these questions. Don't be too critical of either him or yourself. All this emotional bullshit, arguing and blaming each other for crap is one of the reasons you might have broken up in the first place. Now you know what you've lost, and you are about to get it back.

You must believe in the possibility. The reason you must answer these questions to yourself is so that you can determine a couple of things. First, do you really want to get him back, will you be happy or are you just lonely right now, but deep inside you know that it probably won't work out if you get back together? You must believe that things will work out between the two of you and that you can be happy together again. Otherwise, if you don't have total belief in this relationship, then it's not worth trying to get him back.

I'll assume you've decided that things can work out between you and him, so now, the question is what can you do so that he believes in your relationship too? As mentioned above, you need to be better than what he remembers you to be. Way hotter. This can be a huge motivator to any guy to get back together. It's important that you don't see each other for some time, and then once you do he is just blown away by how much prettier you've become.

This will make him feel horrible that he can't have you anymore whenever he wants. Desire kicks in, and now he feels like an idiot for not staying with you. I know this sounds shallow, but it works simply because most guys think with what they've got in their pants, not with their heart or brain.

Even if he's a pretty smart guy, physical attraction can be the first step to getting your ex-boyfriend back. It's just the first step, but it's a crucial one 'cause now you've got your foot in the door. You throw a hook and wait for him to bite. The second step to getting your ex back is forgiveness. You'll never be able to be together again if you can't forgive each other. Initiate this yourself.

Why did you break up? Did you cheat, did he cheat, did the love evaporate, or you got bored, what is it? It doesn't really matter the point is that you give each other a clean slate. Don't talk about what happened in the past with him. Start over. Click the reset button. Whatever he did wrong get over it. Forgive yourself if you've made mistakes and forgive him, you are both guilty in one way or another, and reminding each other about it won't help.

You can't get back together if you are enemies, so stay close to each other by forgiving. Let the past go. Every day is a new opportunity for you to have a better life with a great guy, maybe it's him and now that you're starting over, you've learned from your mistakes, but you can continue on only when you manage to forgive.

Listen, sure, finding some new dude may be okay for you as a bandade, but it won't help you get your ex-boyfriend back. You should make him jealous in a smarter way. Like, he should see that there are guys mingling around you, but don't let him see that you've actually found someone. Don't post stupid, drunken-party pictures on Facebook of you making out with some random dude.

That definitely won't help, he'll just hate you and he'll feel hurt, almost as if you were cheating on him. Instead he has to see that you are still emotionally available for him, you just need some space and time to heal after your break up. Hint him that you might like to get back together, but don't attack him about it. Give him space and see how he reacts.

Look, if you're serious about this guy and you really want him back in your life, then you must change. Changing may not be easy, but it's necessary if you want your relationship to be better than the last time. It's quite simple. If you keep doing what you've been doing you'll keep getting the same results. So don't expect a happily ever after, supercool happy ending if you aren't willing to do things differently than you did before, otherwise you'll just end up breaking up again.

So, find out what messed up your relationship and work on it. Were you too cranky, moody, jealous, demanding, insane, nagging-all-day, not giving him his space and freedom, disrespectful, got fat, made out with another guy, or you just sucked in bed?

Whichever it was fix it. He needs to see that, after a month or so of breaking up, you are progressing; suddenly you became a different person. But do it for you, not for him. Once he sees how much different you became he'll wish you never broke up in the first place, he'll want to give the whole thing another chance too.

Now, it's time to actually get back in touch with your ex. It depends; maybe you didn't see each other, or talk, for months, or even a year. Maybe you just broke up two weeks ago and everything is still very emotional and fresh.

Either way, you can't get back together with him over the phone, so you need to see each other. My suggestion, from a male perspective, having sex immediately once you meet up again may be a wrong choice.

Even if you've been together for a long time before, it's good to make everything seem new, and different. If he messed up, and that's the reason you broke up, you shouldn't make it that easy for him to get back together. Throw in some temptation.

He needs to desire you, a lot. Let him think about you. Drop a hook, and make him feel horrible when he sees how much you've improved, how well you are doing, how sexy you look and how your life is taking another direction. Don't try to fake it. He knows you and he'll know whether you're full of crap or not. For real, change yourself for the better; let him see that and he'll want to be part of it. But you won't let him back into your world overnight even if you really, really want to get him back, don't.

You both need some time to appreciate each other for other things then sex. And when the sex does come, it better be mind-blowing. Then again, don't be clingy and don't call him every day after that love all over again instead, take your time.

Let him think about you and worry a bit. You had sex, but do you want to get back together or not? Let him wonder and guess, let him compare you to other women he might have been with since you were apart. He'll soon realize what a mistake he's made, and he'll never want to make that mistake breaking up with you again. The point isn't just that you get your ex back, but that you KEEP him.

Often folks just have sex again, once or twice, but things don't work out and they end up breaking up again.

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