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intercom system, even if you think you want to install a wireless intercom. Somewhere in the future your wireless system could receive interference that renders it ineffective or even useless. There will never be an opportunity to run wires as cheaply or easily as there is when a building is being constructed. Intercom System. Intercom Module:This module is installed in a Greyfox Enclosure and can be considered the “brains” of the other Room Units,Door Units,and the Main Console Unit are connected directly to this module via “home run” Cat 5 module also supplies power to the entire Cat 5 Intercom Size: 1MB.

Door intercoms allow visitors to page the occupants of a house and how to install intercom system pdf occupants to talk with visitors before opening the door. Installing hard-wired intercom systems requires drilling holes and fishing wires through walls and the attic. In most cases, a professional is needed to install hard-wired intercoms.

But a do-it-yourself homeowner can opt for syste radio-controlled or wireless system that's equally as efficient and takes a short time to install.

Radio-controlled and wireless insgall are available through online sources and many home centers. Organize a few basic tools to install your door intercom system. Detach the base plate from the pager unit that installs on an outside wall by the door. Depending on the unit, how to get a job promoting for clubs a screwdriver to detach the unit from the plate or depress tabs on the side of the unit. Set up a power drill with a screw-tip attachment.

Position the base plate on the wall at the desired location. Align it so the top and bottom edges are level instead how much does a cockatoo cost at an angle. Attach the plate at a stucco or masonry wall how to install intercom system pdf 1-inch concrete screws at each of the machined holes at the plate.

Install the provided battery in the ssytem. Reattach the pager unit to the base plate by inatall screws or snapping it into place on the plate. Detach the base plate from the control unit that will install on a wall inside the house. For an AC-powered control unit, position the base plate in proximity to an electrical outlet.

A battery-powered unit can install at any location that's convenient. Mark how to install intercom system pdf locations on the wall for ibstall anchors at each of the machined holes on the base plate. Use the drill and screw-tip attachment to bore the holes for the anchors in drywall or plaster.

Install the provided battery in a battery-powered control unit. Refer to the instructions, and connect the end of the antenna wire to the appropriate terminal at the control unit with a screwdriver, or connect a plug-in jack at the antenna-port on the unit. Attach the antenna to unit as described in the instructions. Attach the control unit onto the base plate. Plug the power cord for an AC-powered unit into the electrical outlet. Refer to the instructions to program the intercom system.

William Machin began work in construction at the age of 15, while still in high school. In 35 years, he's gained expertise in all phases of residential construction, retrofit and remodeling. His hobbies include horses, motorcycles, road racing and sport fishing. He studied architecture at Taft Junior College. By William Machin. Related Articles. Door intercom installations vary how to update os on samsung galaxy s2 the manufacturer.

Always review the instructions thoroughly before you begin the installation. Flush-mount intercom units require cutting an opening in the walls to install the recessed frames.

Use the provided template to mark the wall, and cut the opening with the appropriate tool for stucco and masonry, wood, drywall or plaster. Always wear a dust mask and safety glasses when working with power tools.

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IP Video Intercom System Installation 1?2 Set up Devices (Customize) Delete unusedDoor Stationson touch screen menu of Room Monitor. ?Example? The actual system is configured 2 Door Stations. However, it has 5 door stations. So need to delete Door?02, Door?03 and Door? Installation Instructions RETRO-M Retrofit Intercom & Music Distribution System Thank you for purchasing an Intrasonic Technology product. Our products are built to provide you with years of high quality sound. If you need assistance with the installation or operation of . 5. Install panel and lightly thread nut on to ON-OFF switch. Nuts and washers on Volume and Squelch controls should fit inside the 3/8” diameter holes. 6. Select two screws through holes in intercom panel. Tighten ON-OFF switch nut. 7. Install knobs on Volume (VOL) and Squelch (SQ) control shafts using” Allen wrench.

Calls are sent to all intercom stations and then privacy mode kicks in once a receiving station accepts the call. Hands free calling and answering is also available when reaching the intercom is not convenient. The system can be installed using the current three, four, six or seven-wire cables in place. Other specifications of the IntraSonic RETRO-M Intercom System include the ability to tune stations directly from each room station, sharing between intercoms through the master station, and an optional door release function.

The intercoms are programmed with listen or talk functions, either with or without using hands. Each room station has its own volume control for music an intercom functions. The master station pairs with an optional hand held remote for convenience. Upon completing the following quote form, your fully customized and complete replacement intercom system kit will be sent to the email address that you provide. You may call us or place an order directly from the quote PDF that is sent to your email.

Let us help you with the system design you need. Ask About Availability Before Ordering. Request Free Design Help! Add to Quote. Shipping and Returns. Apply For Credit. Technical Videos Contact Us Blogs. Actual Price:. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Please wait. Installation Manual.

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