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Sep 27,  · How to create your very own Gravity Falls Journal!For more Gravity Falls content from me - Subscribe!Visit me on Facebook for plenty of other toon content:). Gravity Falls Journal Step 1: Grab Yourself a Hollow Book and Paint It. I was very fortunate that Michael's was just receiving their Christmas Step 2: Create the Hand and Edges. When I first started thinking over this project, I considered printing out certain Step 3: Add Some Damage and Apply.

Since he was dressing up as Dipper, I had to figure out what my costume would be: his twin sister, Mabel? His older crush, Wendy? Finally it hit me; I'd be the love of Dipper's life: trusty Journal 3. Load the for how to get rid of split ends fast home remedies fabric paper into your inkjet printer according to your printer specifications.

Add any embellishments for the journal. I wore a gold tassel necklace to resemble a bookmark and red lipstick. Participated in the Halloween Costume Contest Reply 2 years ago. It's a great show and the series finale part 1 is tonight on Disney XD! Thanks so much, momoluv! So cool! You how to make the gravity falls journal make the actual journal for a tutorial and enter it into the Hod props contest- I think it would have a real shot at winning!

Introduction: Gravity Falls Journal 3 Costume. By Makeademic Follow. More by the author:. About: Scholar. TV Watcher. Florida Gator. More About Makeademic ». Draw a six-fingered hand with flat finger tops with a thick black stroke. Fill with a gold gradient. Add the number 3. Size to fill up a letter size 8. Print your design and let the ink dry. Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut nake your exact design. Stretch your fabric onto an ironing board.

Place and center the design on the dress face-side up. Gently lay the paper that came with the iron-transfer paper over your design. With your iron on low, iron your design from the center to the edges repeatedly until secure.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. KingMartXIV 4 graivty ago. Reply Upvote. Makeademic 5 years ago.

Introduction: How to Make a Gravity Falls Journal 3

Feb 22,  · This is how to make your own gravity falls journal. Book 3 Dippers Journal. In this video I make my very own gravity falls journal replica. Now that I hav. I love Gravity Falls and wanted to have a go at making a replica Gravity Falls Journal 3. Jul 17, - Alright! Hi! So I was bored over the summer, and fandom fest is coming up, so me and my good friend Sarah got together to have a cosplay props day. Now it was supposed to be about multiple props, but we both got so sucked into the Gravity Falls Journal that it ended up being all that we worked on for two days! OK, so this project is really simple and can be done in under an hour.

I've got two little boys who are absolutely crazy about Gravity Falls. If you're not familiar with it, it's a cartoon on Disney XD that features twins Dipper and Mabel who are staying the summer with Grunkel Stan. He owns the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls, Oregon, and the twins begin to discover strange events going on around the town. The show is hilarious, and I love watching it as much as my boys. During Season 1, Dipper and Mabel discovered a set of journals with the author of the journals being one of the big mysteries set to be revealed -- three of them, in fact.

Inside the journals are notes and hints about so many of the strange characters and locales around the town. The journals are fun little plot devices, and my boys love debating who they believe is the author. My thoughts immediately went to recreating two of the journals, one for each of my sons. I really wish I'd taken more photos of the process for creating these two journals, but I think you'll be able to get the general idea from the following steps.

I didn't take a photo of the books before I started but they're about " tall and maybe 9" wide and about 2" thick. Fake "pages" are printed on the paper that makes up the solid shell that sits between the front and back cover. I made two of these journals, but I'll be writing the steps to describe making one. The color of the journals differs here and there, and one of the best places to go find images is images.

I typed in "Gravity Falls Journal" and got way more images than I needed. A visit to the hardware store found me a sufficiently dark purple to match what I thought would be a close-enough base color. About five coats of paint was needed to completely cover up the Christmas artwork underneath -- I waited about 30 minutes between coats to allow for drying. Be sure to use painter's tape to cover the book's "pages. When I first started thinking over this project, I considered printing out certain elements as stickers and applying them to the book.

If you've got kids, however, you know that stickers won't last. They'll peel or get scraped and scratched up. I chose to go with a fully painted journal for all features, so I enlarged an image from images. I cut out two hands for each journal. The first would allow me to paint the gold that would make the hand's shape. The second would be used to paint the journal number 1 and 3 were the numbers I chose. I applied a wide band of painter's tape to a sheet of wax paper and then glued down the hand cutout.

Using a sharp blade, I cut out the hand and left behind a bit of painter's tape with a hand-shaped hollow. I applied this to the journal. Next, I used more painter's tape to cover up everything else on the cover except for the gold corners. I cut each of these individually rather than as identical curves I think it lends more to the hand-drawn cartoonish look of the final cover. Don't forget the two gold bars across the spine of the book!

I don't have a photo of this, but I performed the same process on the number 3 -- stick down a bit of painter's tape on to some wax paper, glue the hand down, and then cut out the number. I stuck the painter's tape over the dried gold, sprayed some black Journals 1 and 3 both have some damage done to the covers in the show.

For Journal 1, the upper-right corner of the book is completely broken off. I thought about doing this, but the book was for my 4-year-old and I didn't think he'd actually like part of the cover to be gone.

I did paint the few small ripped ovals below the numeral 1. For Journal 3, I used a silver paint pen to apply the "rips" to the cover. They're not as dark as the ones in the show, but I didn't want to spend any money trying to find the right shade of lavender.

Plus, the books are for two boys, ages 7 and 4, and I didn't think they'd give me any grief over a few variations. After applying the "damage" to the covers, I sprayed over a couple of clear coats that will hopefully give the books some years of fun and use and protect the paint for a while. The inside of the journal had a Christmas theme. I took care of this by printing out two great images from the images.

The other is an image of a famous page from one of the journals that features a bad guy named Bill Cipher. That was cut and trimmed to fit down in the bottom of the hollow book. I didn't want to just hand them two empty journals, so the first thing I tucked inside each journal were a number of Gravity Falls postcards printed in color on card stock.

You can grab these by visiting the official Gravity Falls website and selecting the postcard maker game. One of the options allows you to save them as PDFs that you can print out.

There are postcard background options, and I picked my favorite 7 or 8. You can even add words and characters from the show, but I just left them as backgrounds that my boys would recognize such as Dipper's room, the Mystery Shack both during the daytime and a nighttime version , and a few more. I didn't want my boys taking the journals with them to school, so I figured I'd make something smaller.

My 7-year-old carries a backpack so I was thinking about creating something that he could hang or glue to his bag. I have a 3D printer and I'm pretty good with the free Tinkercad.

And yes, I wrote a book on Tinkercad -- little bit of self promotion here So, I made a little Journal 3 that includes raised relief hand and book corners as well as a small hole for a chain. I printed it out in white plastic , painted it the same purple as the hollow books, and then hand-brushed the gold elements the hand outline is raised, allowing you to easily paint inside with a detail brush , and then used a black paint pen to color the 3.

Strung it up on a small chain and tucked one in each book. Originally I was going to hold these as a Christmas present, but I just couldn't wait My final task was taking two of the postcards and addressing them to my boys.

I hand wrote the following on each one:. Bill Cipher is trying to steal the journals again! I'm sending you a fake journal to try and trick him. Please keep it safe! I addressed one to each boy, dropped them off at the post office and the next day they showed up. I pretended to have my hands full and asked my older son to check the mail. He found the postcards and was jumping up and down and reading them to his little brother.

Smiles all around! The next day, a mystery package arrived on the doorstep didn't send this one They opened them up and I wish I'd recorded the squeals. I love being a dad. Participated in the Superheroes and Supervillains Contest. Question 2 years ago. One thing I noticed, was that when I painted over the part where the book bends to open, the paint kept getting wrinkly and chipped off. How can I avoid this? Answer 6 months ago. Reply 1 year ago. Okay, maybe that was too much.

I expected like, some button that says see more then you see the spoiler like in YouTube. Great work! Big fan of Gravity Falls myself, I think every fan would be proud of your work : Lucky kids! Reply 2 years ago.

But yeah. I totally love this! Your sons are so lucky to have such great gifts! Firstly, this is really cool! Secondly, I think it was so sweet what you did for your kids. Dude, you're awesome. Is bys could this file from postcards to send? Of course, I do not mean a link to a web page only to file for download.

Because, unfortunately, my computer locked this page. I would be very grateful. I especially love the painter's tape stenciling. That's an excellent idea. Can't beat quick and cheap! This is so awesome! I love your hype and how you put the actual things from the show on the inside. Introduction: Gravity Falls Journal. By jktechwriter Follow. More by the author:.

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