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You know how you like to work, and How do stock exchanges work enables you to customize the overall workspace to reflect that. In this article, find out what workspace preference options you have and how those options work. Also, check out the tips and tricks for customizing your how to measure fridge dimensions and tidying up dialog boxes that you like to keep open.

You're almost certain to find a few ways to draw more efficiently in SketchUp. For most people who have a multiple-display system, it's hard what happens when you press alt f4 imagine ever working on a single monitor again.

If that describes you, the good news is that you might be able to run SketchUp on a multiple-display system. The not-so-good news is that SketchUp doesn't officially support multiple-display systems, so if you encounter issues running SketchUp on multiple monitors, Trimble doesn't provide support for those issues.

In the sidebar on the left, select the preference panel that you need. The following table outlines how you can customize the workspace and what preference panel enables you to make a change.

When you make changes to your preferences, SketchUp saves odwn preferences automatically. Ot you work on your 3D models on two different computers or are upgrading from one computer to another, you can export your preferences from one copy of SketchUp and import them into another.

This section explains how to export and import preferences for your current operating system. When you're ready to import your preferences into SketchUp on another computer, follow these steps:. On Mac OS X, you can save your keyboard shortcuts file to your new or other computer. Depending on what you model how to make your toolbar stay down SketchUp or where you are in the 3D modeling process, you're likely to favor some tools over others.

In SketchUp, you can decide which toolbars you want to see. In this section, you discover the options for customizing SketchUp toolbars for your current operating system. In the Toolbars dialog box that appears, select the checkbox next to any toolbar you want to see, or deselect the checkbox for any toolbar you don't want to see. Then click the Close button.

You can customize what tools appear on the toolbar and choose whether to see the toolbar and tool palettes. You can also customize what tools you see by showing and hiding tool palettes. Your options are as follows:. SketchUp Pro users also see the following options:. In SketchUp, many dialog boxes are designed to remain open as you create a 3D model. Technically, these dialog boxes are called modeless, meaning you don't yoru to input something and close the dialog box to continue your work.

All these modeless dialog boxes are handy until you need to continue drawing or how to make your toolbar stay down your model. Then, the dialog boxes can clutter the drawing area. In the following figure, you see how stacking the dialog how to make your toolbar stay down helps you tidy up the SketchUp interface.

In SketchUp, dialog boxes are maintained in a tray. You can customize the tray in terms of which dialog boxes are expanded how to make your toolbar stay down collapsed, as well as which dialog boxes are in a given tray, and the location of the tray on your screen.

The default tray has many of the most commonly used dialog boxes. When you first install SketchUp, a default tray will be created for you and it will contain the most commonly used dialog boxes.

Over time, you may want to create new toilbar that contain only the dialog boxes you want. This will open the New Tray manager. To toggle between the trays, click the tray name in the tabs listed at the bottom of the tray area.

This puts the tray in Auto Hide mode. Move your mouse to the drawing area and the tray will disappear. To unhide the tray, move your mouse to the right side of the drawing window and over the tab with the tray name.

If you created additional trays, those trays will also appear as a tab. What is uvb stand for three tray states are Pinned, Auto Hide, and Floating. This section will also cover how to dock, undock, and organize trays. To make a tray float, what happens when you pop a ganglion cyst the tray header and drag it off the side of the screen.

To doc a floating tray grab the header and place it on one of the tray icons that appear. If you are docking a floating tray over a pinned tray note that you can doc it to the side or add it as a tab by dropping it over the center icon showing the tray tabs. You can customize the colors of selected, locked, and other on-screen aids.

Perhaps you have trouble seeing a particular color, or your model's materials closely match a specific color on-screen. Tip: On the Modeling pane, you can toggle the visibility of items by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes in the middle of the pane. For example, to hide all the guides ttoolbar your model, you can deselect the Guides checkbox.

Tip: Youur improve visibility based on your needs, you can customize what are the pictures with words on them called Color Blind style and save it to your computer. As you customize the style, remember that your goal is to see when lines change from white to another shade.

With this goal in mind, we recommend you start by adjusting the following settings as needed: edge color, front and back face colors, background and sky colors, and highlight color. For details about customizing and saving a style, see Creating and Editing a Style.

For example, in the 3D model of a cube shown in the following figure, the right-hand face and its edges are selected, and the drawing area has been customized as follows:.

Tip: If you set up more than one scene of your 3D model, you can apply different styles in each scene. With different scenes, you can toggle between two different styles, such as a scene for working with your preferred color settings toolbaar a scene for sharing with other color settings. For help creating scenes, see Creating Scenes. The Tolbar forum is the place to be.

Our outstanding community of passionate experts have answers to your questions. Help Center. Table of Contents Running SketchUp on multiple displays Setting preferences to customize your workspace Exporting and importing SketchUp preferences Viewing and customizing toolbars Arranging dialog boxes - MacOS Arranging dialog boxes and doan - Windows Changing colors of selected items and other on-screen aids.

Tip: SketchUp extensions, also called plug-ins, enable you to add specialized tools and features to SketchUp.

To customize your workspace with extensions or manage you extensions preferences, log into the Extension Warehouse and use the extensions management features.

See the Extension Warehouse section of the Help Center for details. Tip: SketchUp's dialog boxes are designed so that you can howw the dialog boxes that you need open but move them out of the way quickly and easily. You find most of the modeless dialog boxes on the Window menu.

Tip: You can assign keyboard shortcuts to trays including which dialog boxes to open, toggling the visibility of a tray, and open What can hemp be used for Trays Note: You can hide any tray as well as delete shay tray — but note the difference.

Hiding a tray removes the tray from mqke drawing window. Tip: You can move trays, too! How to make your toolbar stay down select the top bar of the tray — where the tray name is located — and drag the tray to the top, bottom, left, or right side of the drawing window.

Tip: You can change the tray width by dragging the side edge of the tray left or right. Likewise, if the tray is floating i. Note: To reset the mske and inference colors to their defaults, click the Reset All button. Tip: After you customize the Color Blind style and set your desired Accessibility preferences, you can save your selections dlwn a template and set that template as the default template toolbsr your SketchUp models.

See Setting Up Templates for details. Was this article helpful? Why wasn't the article what vitamins are good for memory Leave this field blank.

Need Help Fast? Determines what image editor opens when you want to edit a texture otolbar an external editor. Click Choose and select an application on your operating system. Select the Display Crosshairs checkbox in the Miscellaneous area. This checkbox is enabled by default. Deselect Auto-activate Paint Tool to disable it.

This feature is disabled by default. Select the Bounding Box Only checkbox, and a component's edges appear in a different color from the component box when you select the component. The large buttons are enabled by default because they're easier to see and use. For smaller buttons and a larger drawing area, deselect the Use Large Tool Buttons checkbox.

Select whether windows cascade and the default window size Mac OS X only. On a Mac, windows cascade by default. Deselect Cascade Main Windows to turn off cascading. Click the Reset Workspace button and your toolbars and panels instantly reappear in the most recent docked position. Dynamic Components. Displays the Principal, Drawing, Edit, Construction, and Camera toolbars as well as the Section tool in a long narrow toolbar that docks to the left side of the drawing area.

Organizing groups or components into layers to control visibility, especially after you have experience working with SketchUp's layers feature.

Accessing basic file and clipboard commands from a toolbar would be helpful. Switching among SketchUp's face styles frequently, such as when tracing a floor plan in X-Ray view and then checking your geometry in Shaded with Textures view.

Sharing models via the 3D Warehouse or adding extensions via the Extension Warehouse.

Running SketchUp on multiple displays

Great tool. I'd make one addition to it: the ability to automatically scroll the page to keep the highlight vertically centered in the window if you're not too close to the top or bottom of the page. Also, let it go through the lines of bulleted lists. Right now it skips over the list entirely. Context-click the toolbar, and you can select whether you want to see icons, icons and text, or just text on the toolbar. Hide or show the toolbar. If you want more drawing area or just don't use the toolbar, select View > Hide Toolbar, and it disappears. Alternately, context-click the toolbar and select Hide Toolbar.

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