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May 22,  · I have had a Sky+HD Box (Pace 9F - checked it had the cable ties when I got it new and it had!) for over a year (bought from an independant, who has unfortunately gone bust), never a problem with it - and extremely quiet! (some minor HDD and fan noise). I came home monday to cries of 'dad the sky doesn't work!'. Nov 28,  · In this video I show you how to tear apart/dismantle your SKY+ HD Digibox. Model # DRXWL-C. This is the Wireless version that has GB Harddrive

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You should upgrade or use an s,y browser. Thread starter Red1 Start date May 21, Tags sky tv sky uk limited. Red1 Active Member. As the title says! I came home monday to cries of 'dad the sky doesn't work! Anyway took a look and box would not come out of standby standby red light just flashing. Tried unplugging, forced update, reset etc - nothing.

Hdd some digging on line, as usual found some very useful information on the AVForums saying HDD probably gone maybe PCU faulty, but doubtfuland even changing that and the PCU when this happens usually achieves nothing.

So called Sky, they said do smy above things. Said that I had all ready tried. Guy would try and fix, or I would get a refurb. Guy came out, said box dead. I could have a refurb. Told him would only accept a Pace. He said fine, let me look on his van with him he had loads of new and refurbs and we found a Pace. I asked if I could look at it.

It was a Pace 9F with how to open sky hd box cable ties ope place! I thought result, exactly oen box as mine slightly older ,but I was very pleased. Anyway,box is great. It how to make tuna salad with macaroni had nothing wrong with it was probably asked to be returned because of the whole cable yow fiasco,had them done then back on a van as a refurb. It looks brand new. So the point of this novel I am writing is,as I how to burn xbox games to disk previously my 9F how to open sky hd box whisper quiet.

This 9F is quiet, but not as the Plus I'm not sure if the sound is the HDD or the fans. As I say it is very quiet and I am probably nit picking. Because the 04 is completely dead I can't do a comparison. But zky 03 is definitely louder,as I noticed the sound straight away. Just to say I tl totally live with it,so I am happy to leave it. Anyway thanks for reading, how to feed hermit crabs advice will be most appreciated.

Have a look HERE. Google is your friend. Click to expand You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads N. Replies 21 Views 1K. Today at AM StuBu. Replies 2 Views Mar 21, smiler Sky Q installation problem. Replies 17 Views 2K. Yesterday at PM rs Oprn 1 Views Jan 5, Colin Glover. Sky Magic Eye Help. Replies 0 Views Jan 8, dandan Published Wednesday at PM. Top Bottom.

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Press the Skybutton on your Sky±HD remote to turn the box on, and wait for a few moments for it to start up. To turn your Sky±HD box to standby, press the standbybutton on your remote. To turn your Sky±HD box to off, press and holdthe standbybutton for 5 secondson your remote. Jan 27,  · The Sky box we used was the Amstrad C. This video will show you how to remove the HDD from a Sky+ box. The Sky box we used was the Amstrad C. Overview About your Sky±HD box Your Sky±HD box Your Sky±HD remote Complete overview of what’s on with Sky Guide Page 7 The GB storage capacity means you can store hours of SD content and 60 hours of HD content. Sky± also allows you to record two programmes at once, pause and rewind live TV and more.

Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Plus you can set up TV recordings remotely using your mobile or online at sky. For example, enter the sequence Change channels for Sky News. Page 17 Codes used in the programme information banner Rating codes Letter codes Universal, suitable for all audiences including young children.

This is a High Definition programme. HD programmes are shown in widescreen. Parental guidance is recommended. Some discretion may need to be applied as to the suitability of the film for younger This programme is copy protected and may not play back or impressionable children.

Page Identifying Hd Programmes Identifying HD programmes Finding a specific programme Going back to the channel you last watched Finding out more about a programme with the i button Finding and listening to radio channels Watching the TV you love Page 22 On Demand service.

Rentals links are available in Movies, Sports and Music genres, and will display Sky Store if you have connected a compatible set top box to your broadband router, or Box Office if not.

Search takes you to Search which will be pre-populated with the genre you selected. Page 23 Choosing your favourite channels Once you get to know what channels you watch most often, you can set them up as your favourites so you can find them more easily. To store your favourites: Press services for Options , press down then select the Favourites tab. Use the tab options to see the different results. You can record, set reminders, and tune to current programmes just as you would in other parts of Sky Guide.

Changing your search Radio channels appear with a speaker symbol next to them. Page 30 Off, 5, 15, 30 minutes. Pausing and rewinding live TV When you see the programme you want, press record. Page 34 Sky Box Office listings, highlight it and press record. Page 36 Highlight the programme and press the blue button Keep. Page 37 Then choose the programme you want to delete and press the yellow button. Remember, future recordings and reminders Press yellow to delete the recording from your Planner are listed outside of the Series Stack until the programme starts.

You can chose to Permanently delete, or Restore recordings in the Deleted tab. This means the oldest, watched programmes in your Planner will be deleted when you run out of space to make sure future recordings can be made.

The settings are saved and the radio recording is now in your Planner. When you see a future listed TV programme you want to watch, simply highlight it and press select. Page 45 Managing your Planner Middle menu Use the Planner tab options to filter the programmes and get a better overview: Shows everything in your Planner in date order, with the oldest programme listed first.

Genre tabs Shows your recorded programmes grouped by genre, Entertainment, so for example, the Movies tab will show all the Lifestyle Using your Planner Page 47 Choosing a recording to watch All recordings are stored in your Planner.

Highlight the recorded programme and press play or select. Playback screen appears and you may need to enter your PIN. The symbol appears, showing the Rewind symbol Fast Forward symbol elapsed time and the speed. Press tv guide then the button On Demand. If you would rather see a sneak peek first, look for the trailer icon and press the button. Step 1 Step 2 If you can see the You can see how much symbol, you can start Page About Your Downloaded Programmes We recommend that you check the programme size before you start a download by pressing in the programme synopsis screen.

You can also check your monthly usage with your broadband provider. Go to sky. TV On Demand For details on using your PIN and parental control settings, see Having more control over what the kids watch page To watch a rated programme before its normal watershed time, you need to enter your PIN.

However, you can turn off a selection of On Demand programmes being automatically received by your box, if you want. Page 63 Sky Active, for instance, you can upgrade your viewing, add Sky the interactive menu Broadband and Talk, choose Multiroom, upgrade your Sky box, manage your Sky Account and more. To access Sky Active and other interactive services, press the interactive button on your remote, then press select.

See Setting up and resetting your remote page Use these buttons on your remote to control teletext Page 67 You now need to enter your four digit PIN see below. You need this number to get into the Parental Control screens. Page Hiding Adult Channels If you want to unlock rated programmes, just highlight the category under Viewing tab and press the button again Unrestrict. Watching restrictions can be applied only to programmes where the broadcaster provides category restriction information.

See Restricting On Demand viewing page 54 instead Page Pin Protecting Kept Programmes In your Planner, you can mark recordings for Keep to prevent them from being deleted accidentally page The times are shown above under Entering a PIN for pre-watershed playback. Highlight Beep on Audio Description When this happens: a.

Any current recordings will be stopped b. On Demand Showcase will be disabled c. Auto Standby will be enabled To reboot your box, press select, but please allow a little time for this to happen. To turn your mini tv off: Press services for Options , press down then select the Customise tab. See Having more control over what the kids watch page 65 for details. Page Skipping To Bookmarks Keep pressing the arrow to see each bookmark and its place in the programme.

Press select play when you see the bookmark you want. Playback starts at that bookmarked point in the programme. Orion Beko Panasonic Beon You should now be able to see a terrestrial TV channel. Take the empty batteries out straight away and replace both batteries at the same time. When you call, please have your system information available as we will need this to deal with your problem.

Switch the box to standby then wait at least 60 seconds before unplugging it from the mains supply. To cancel at any time, press any button. However, you should always disconnect the box from the mains and turn off your TV before connecting other devices. Page 90 See also the user guides supplied with your devices. Mains socket Remember that the box can still make recordings when in standby so we recommend you make a habit of pressing the standby button so the light on the box turns amber as soon as you finish watching TV.

Household customers can also take their old or redundant electrical equipment to their nearest Local Designated Collection Facility. Please go to www. Alternatively, you can give your old Sky product to your Sky engineer next time they visit. Page More Information More information For more information on recycling electrical and electronic equipment and to find other tips on what you can do to help the environment, visit: sky.

Do not connect it to a DC power Use correct fuse supply. Page Make sure that your cable is connected to both your input automatically. HD box and your TV. Refer to your TV user manual to find your input. Use your TV remote to scroll through the AV input options until you find the input s. Sky prioritises the end see Adding extra time to the start and end of recordings of an existing recording over the page 39 and change the settings back to Automatic.

Page Your box now tries to call us back, which checks the phone line connection. After getting the message Callback in progress, the previous menu appears. If you see any other message at this stage, please call Sky Customer Service for more advice. Insert the correct have put the wrong viewing card viewing card.

Page Delete. Page What to do now Message What does it mean? The batteries in this remote control are low. Please replace The batteries in the remote control Change the batteries in your remote control as soon as possible.

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