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Please Subscribe! The band produced by Cafe Music BGM channel JUTESETSApple Music: Straight up smooth jazz, made for grown ups. Come and get it, my friends, and feel the love. Subscribe to Dr. SaxLove: Reach out to D.

Welcome to the MLB Star Power Index -- a weekly undertaking that determines with awful authority which players are dominating the current zeitgeist of the sport. While one's presence on this list is often celebratory in nature, it can also be for purposes of lamentation or ridicule.

The players listed are in no particular order, just like the phone book. Violence is never to be encouraged, save for those occasions when it is absolutely to be encouraged. For instance, if you're bidding adieu to a player who's mostly famous for pole-axing an opponent, then you are honor-bound to include that moment in whatever farewell montage you expel into the wild heavens of media sociale.

The Texas Rangersto their enduring credit, recently did just that in paying tribute to Rougned Streets of Fire Odor. Please observe what does the word trifecta mean keeping your hands up and chin down:. Thank you, Rougie. Yes, prominent among Mr. Odor's finest moments on the diamond is that time he gave Jose Bautista an unsolicited five across the chops.

The molars? They rolled and clicked like dice of the finest tungsten across a discotheque floor. The Rangers' fond farewells were occasioned by the fact that Mr. Odor and his remaining salary obligations were recently cut loose. To his eternal uplift, he was plucked up by the Yankeeswhich means he's now dropped into the contending fray.

It also, however, meant that Odor was compelled to shave the beard that has become such a part of him that it how to add netflix channel to wii grew bones and capillaries.

Recoil and or marvel:. Odor was activated by the Yankees today and Chirinos is rehabbing in How to play smooth jazz. Bearded Odor looked like a man who shoots too much pool at the union hall.

Beardless Odor looks like a man who tells Bearded Odor that he's how to crochet a butterfly step by step shooting too much pool at the union hall.

At that point, Bearded Odor pondered sinking a couple of molars in the corner pocket but thought better of it. Is a bloop single tantamount to cold-cocking an entire squadron, as implied by the scandalously doctored image above?

I don't know. What a question. Pick up your teeth and move along. Jazz Chisholm is Thelonius Monk playing "'Round Midnight" on the piano at a show in Denmark inexcept his fingers are badass lasers.

The point is that it takes a thing or two to live up to the name Jazz, and it takes something even more to exceed the tacit expectations of being named Jazz.

Please witness this bit of daredevilry in the service of possibly winning the Florida state championship:. So that's a walk, a steal of second before Rich Hill had even delivered the ball, a pilfering of third punctuated by his own face-down safe call, and then a run on the board thanks to a sac fly by a supporting character who doesn't matter at the moment.

Smooth Jazz, however, is more than "just" a hastemonger on the bases. A pesky midge who subsists on small-ball irritants isn't capable of this:. That, onlookers, is turning around triple digits out of the elite paw of Jacob deGromwho happened to otherwise strike out a career-best 14 on that day, and putting the cowhide in the upper tank.

This isn't really about Walker Buehler. Buehler is but a vessel, a haphazard conveyance, for the current parameters of the Bronson Arroyo Experience. He's now 44 and, one presumes, lost forever in the loving arms of leisure time. What does one do with that time? If you're Bronson Arroyo, you spend it dropping idle Mike Leake comparisons and learning the chords to overwrought Britpop standards.

We speak, reverently, of this recent moment at Dodger Stadium:. The infinite monkey theorem posits that a monkey banging on a typewriter will eventually happen upon every how to play smooth jazz ordering of words. However, no monkey dutifully typing across a thousand forevers ever asked for this. Yet here we are. This isn't to say what you saw above is unwelcome.

It's merely to say no one thought to ask for it, least of all the chimps of the typing pool. What makes this all the more remarkable is that Bronson Arroyo has never met Walker Buehler, had never even heard of him before he shot this video. Is that true? Almost certainly not, but a statement can contain truth without being true. By Dayn Perry. Apr 13, at am ET 4 min read. RBI 5. RBI 0. ERA 1.

WHIP 1. IP BB Padres-Dodgers series: Six things to know Matt Snyder 6 min read. Angels or Reds better bet to stay hot? Mike Axisa 3 min read. Three young pitchers off to good starts R.

Anderson 3 min read. Mets' deGrom strikes out nine straight in win How to play smooth jazz Snyder 2 min read. Rays' ownership of Yankees continues with win Matt Snyder 1 min read. Contreras, Cubs offense how to play smooth jazz in win Matt Snyder 2 min read. Report details complaints of Mets' 'toxic workplace' Matt Snyder 2 min how to play smooth jazz. Dodgers' Bellinger has hairline fracture in fibula Dayn Perry 1 min read.

Podcast Summary

Kicking out Smooth Jazz Since with Tropical Waves of the Latest Smooth Jazz 24/7. We play all the Latest Smooth Jazz Hits, along with Smooth Jazz Hits from the last 30 years. Tune in now and enjoy the Smooth Jazz Florida Mix. Jazz Music the Contemporary Smooth Jazz way. Why doesn't the Jazz play? The Jazz music takes longer to load than the rest of the page. If it doesn't load even after seconds of waiting, or a page refresh, then it's likely due to the site not being supported on your current device. Mar 17,  · Best Smooth Jazz (BSJ) from London UK is a refreshingly 'chilled' Smooth Jazz radio show - all instrumental. Host Rod Lucas plays a 'cool' selection of new & familiar Smooth Jazz instrumentals. Easy listening Grooves with a Soul & R&B feel and Latin vibes. Jazz with fun feel. London's New Cool Smooth Jazz. Soul lovers will enjoy the grooves too.

All instrumental Smooth Jazz from London. Best Smooth Jazz is full of new releases, classic Smooth jazzy grooves and plenty of fun. We're also tasting more red wines with Angie. Website for all show information and TV show. We're also tasting 2 more red wines with Angie. We're also tasting even more wines with Angie. We're also tasting yet more wines with Angie. Best Smooth Jazz celebrates 10 years of playing all instrumental smooth jazz from London.

In this Podcast - Rodcast you'll hear new releases and more golden smooth jazzy tunes. We're also sampling some super Champagnes. This show was first aired on BSJ. FM 10th Oct Ref First aired on September 26th ref: BSJ is full of new releases and classic Smooth Jazz grooves.

We re also tasting another new wine with Angie. First aired on September 12th ref: Full of new release and classic Smooth Jazz grooves. On this show we're also featuring the new album from Norman Brown along with other new releases and classic Smooth Jazz gems.

Rod Lucas handpicks all the best instrumental smooth jazz music. All commercial free. The 'Wine of the week' is a another recommended tasty delight. All instrumental grooves with a soulful feel. Host Rod Lucas handpicks all the best music featuring new albums and classic smooth jazz. Jazz with fun feel. London's New Cool Smooth Jazz.

Soul lovers will enjoy the grooves too. He also featured material from Spanish Flamenco guitarists including Paco de Lucia. Herb Alpert added to the whole feel of Smooth Jazz with Rod in Your donations make this podcast possible. Share Podcast. Share this Share to:. Embed: Copy. Yes No. Share episode. Share podcast. View Profile. Let this podcaster know that you like their show and want another episode: I want more!

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