how to tap into my psychic powers

How to Tap Into Your Own Psychic Abilities

Dec 03,  · When you’re awake, your cognitive mind is on overload, but when you’re snoozing, it rests, too, which allows you to tap into your subconscious mind through your dreams. Tap into Your Right Brain Allow yourself to be a kid again and enjoy creative activities such as coloring, scrapbooking, drawing, or other arts and crafts. Jul 02,  · The fastest way to tap into your psychic abilities is to cultivate a healthy relationship with your subconscious mind. Dreams are a great pathway into .

Ready to tap into your psychic abilities? The United States government has studied the field, as well as countless respected scientists and paranormal investigators. Maybe you knew a friend was in trouble, or about something bad happening before you possibly could have known?

Many people have had the strange experience of picking up a landline phone and knowing who was on the other end, before a single word was spoken. To the uninitiated, they can be mistaken for ordinary powers of perception, intuition, or even sheer luck.

Later on in this article, you will learn what sets them apart and how to establish whether or not you are actually a psychic. Typically, psychic powers are keyed to one of the senses, though some can be more cerebral and focused on pure thought. Whether you wish to learn more about receiving psychic messages through Automatic Writing, or if you want to detach your spirit from your body by using Astral projection.

Perhaps you want to how to tap into my psychic powers information about people and objects by Psychoscopy, or you want to heal others with Energy Healing. Or maybe you want to converse with the dead by using the power of Mediumship, or perhaps you want to move objects with your mind using Telekinesis….

Astral projection is a phenomenon which has been mentioned in various cultures and religions over the course of centuries. It is an out-of-body experience where an individual feels as if her spirit is being detached from corporeal form and is able to roam freely. In most of the cases, astral projection is closely connected to dreams and meditation, during which time spirit is able to exit the body. Naturally, there are certain differences which you will learn more about in the continuation of the text.

At the same time, they have different colors which can tell us more about an individual and her character. The importance of auras can be observed in different religions such as Buddhism, given that their flag shows various colors encircling Buddha. Even though these energy fields are invisible to most, gifted people are able to see them clearly.

Aura reading is oftentimes used with other psychic abilities such as empathy, which will be mentioned later on in order to help people with problems. When we write something, we need to formulate words in our head and then, transfer them on paper. This is known as automatic writing. One of the early examples of automatic writing taken from faculty.

One of the most well-known psychic abilities is clairaudience. Although this can manifest in the form of hearing literal sounds in other places, it generally takes a more intuitive form. Joseph Banks Rhine, the first man to use term extrasensory perception taken from wikipedia.

For the clairaudient, this represents their psychic intuition presenting information in a verbal form. Claircognizance is often mistaken for simple intuition or the ability to make unconscious logical leaps. Simply put, it means the ability to know something, without a shadow of a doubt, even if there is no possible way to know it. Claircognizance can manifest itself as a vague feeling, such as feeling inexplicably that one is being watched or is in danger.

Clairscent is a psychic ability that is not commonly spoken of, but is how to tap into my psychic powers one of the most common to manifest itself. It is the ability to experience the scent of places or events where you how to tap into my psychic powers never been or cannot know of.

Essentially, clairvoyance is the ability to see visions. Information that you cannot know will present itself to you visually, as your mind unconsciously reaches out to how to tap into my psychic powers it. Nostradamus, the greatest prophet in human history taken from sacred-texts. If you have questions about using clairvoyance, you may want to consider getting a psychic reading.

Unlike most other psychic abilities, divination has a very important social layer. It was a crucial part of human history as tribal shamans tried to understand their surroundings and see what the future held for their people. When it comes to divination, the first thing that comes to mind is the Oracle of Delphi. When Persians came to invade Greece, the Oracle was asked for advice. As it was prophesied, Persians lost a lot of their ships in a storm at Artemisium and were subsequently defeated how to tap into my psychic powers the Greek navy.

Nevertheless, divination is something that was performed by highly spiritual individuals who are able to see past the corporeal world. There are certain similarities between divination and fortune telling although, as time went by, the latter form became much more popular. Divination using playing cards is a common method of foretelling events. However, other tools can be used, such as:. Some believe that this is a psychic power; others see it as an ability based on intellect and high perception.

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki taken from wikipedia. Even though healing through hands is often mentioned in Christianity, Mikao Usui, a buddhist monk from Japan, is regarded as the founder of Reiki which is considered a modern form of spiritual healing.

After a devastating earthquake that befell Kyoto inUsui who lived on nearby Mount Hiei, would visit the city every morning in order to heal the wounded. During the course of treatment, a practitioner is able to transfer their energy to a recipient increasing his vitality in the process. Previously, we mentioned that some gifted people are able to sense the aura of others and manipulate their own spirit, detaching it from their body.

Having this in mind, it comes as no surprise that psychics are also able to sense spirits of those who are no longer with us. Mediumship represents the ability to converse with the dead and pass their message to others.

The existence of the human spirit is something that is universal for all the great religions in the world. A person who is performing the ritual is able to either hear the spirits or be possessed by them. During psychoscopy or psychometryan individual is able to create a psychic link with an object.

Joseph Bushan, the first man to use term psychometry taken from wikipedia. By touching an object or by concentrating on it, the psychoscopy practitioner is able to interpret information stored within its energy field. In comparison to others, they use their mind in order to assist their basic senses thus being able to absorb information from various sources.

As a result, some individuals are capable of remote viewing. Such individuals are able to sense things with their minds which are otherwise known as extrasensory perception. But, in comparison to precognition which shows us things to come, retrocognition focuses on past events. Scrying is what is cell division in bacteria called the most recognizable type of psychic ability.

Similarly to fortune telling and divination, a person needs an object to help her during the process. While looking into a crystal ball, the individual falls into a trance and after that, visions start appearing. Telekinesis is a phenomenon where a person is able to control objects through sheer power of mind. By using his mind, person is able to levitate other objects and people, to bend various items and even to control his own organs.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is one of the first people at least documented to what to do in beaufort sc the power of telekinesis as well as many other psychic abilities.

Another aspect of telepathy is dream walking. In fact, there are various similarities between them which is not surprising given that they all require a high level of spirituality in order to be practiced safely. As you become more proficient with one power, how to list the company in stock exchange will soon realize that other abilities are much easier to master.

How much to fumigate an apartment have to practice it and find your inner peace and only then, you can unlock your full psychic potential.

How to develop psychic abilities in 4 steps, according to a pro

Mar 22,  · Sit near to the source of power, touching it with your two hands so that you create a circuit of energy parallel to that being absorbed by the crystals and so empower your own auric field (the area of psychic energy that exists around our bodies). In order to tune into your psychic abilities the first thing that helps is learning how to relax. Relaxing the physical body will reduce the intensity of the stimuli you receive from it and therefore will make it easier to pick up the non-physical perceptions, which are often felt as very subtle in the beginning. Apr 28,  · Take your first impression, no matter how absurd it may seem. Just keep imagining yourself as a tube from God—impartial, truthful, and with the sole motive to impart not only information, but also solace and warnings. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. Keep your intellect and your ego at bay.

More Information. This eBook is designed to show you that everyone was born with amazing powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, mind-control, and other supernatural abilities. However, you will find that these powers are far from supernatural These can be used by anyone, and this series of eBooks can show you how to access those powers.

You will be able to reach a plane of reality that almost no one has access to, and be able to think on a different plane than anyone you know. Anyone can get these powers. All it takes is someone that is willing to learn them. Even if you've never heard that these are real, you can get the ability to use any of them if you put your mind to it. All it takes is knowledge, and you can find everything you need in this book series. Mental powers beyond what most people have ever thought of are in your hands!

Read more Contents: Ebook Official Website: www. I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon.

But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language. All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide. The sixth chakra gives us sight, both inner and outer. Also called the Third Eye chakra , its domain is perception and intuition the things we know because we see them, and the things we know because we simply know.

Its talents are primarily visual, such as clairvoyance, formed out of images rather than sounds or other sensation. Sometimes we pick up energy from other people, without knowing we are doing so. Their moods or emotions may bleed over onto us, leaving us feeling angry, sad, tired, depressed, or whatever they are feeling -and not knowing where this emotion came from.

Also, sometimes people will deliberately send negative energy to us -even though that is a very bad thing which one should never do. Such negative energies cannot harm you, as long as you don't let them in -but in daily life this is an unconscious process. To one skilled in magic and psychism however, this process under ones direct conscious control.

With psychic shielding we set the boundaries which keep out unwanted energy from others, but simultaneously strengthen our own Aura, or energy, keeping it healthy. The powerful, energetic forces of the subconscious are the ones which take the physical body out from the chemical-physical region and place it within the astral plane. This is how the physical body abandons the law of gravity and this chemical region, in order to penetrate within the astral plane, where the laws of levitation reign.

Also I conjure thee spirit N. Also I conjure thee N. The eminent psychologist Carl Jung once stated 'No dream symbol can be separated from the individual who dreams it.

Keep this thought in mind as you study the following concepts. Notice that almost all of the universal symbols have various shades of meaning. In fact, some even have contradictory meanings.

The interpretation of such symbols can only be done by YOU, the dreamer, through consideration of your own feelings towards the dream, the symbol and your own intuition. NINE rebirth and reformation. Intuition travel karma and completion of the third plane. Three times Three. Crawling would be among the least effective. A train is forceful and direct, but is confined by narrow tracks.

A car is fairly efficient and maneuverable. The airplane is more efficient than the car or train and rises higher than any surface mode of transport. Roller skates are more effective faster than walking, but require a smoother surface and more effort etc Traveling For years I've maintained a steely detachment from being identified as a Psychic or Clairvoyant.

I have always maintained, and still do, that psychism and ESP are merely branches on the tree of knowledge. Reason is the root. Reason and intuition are no more opposed to each other or shouldn't be than the branch is opposed to the tree from which it stems. Protection from harm, outside influences, psychic attack. Favored in Afro-diasporic Traditions for use before and during ritual, to aid in perception of and connection to the Divine.

Promotes balance, harmony, connection to others. Dispels negativity, strengthens psychic shielding. Can act as an aphrodisiac.

Aids persuasiveness and confidence, sharpens intuition. Also promotes healing and rejuvenation. Aids meditation and spiritual opening. Promotes harmony, peace, tranquillity. Helps one to focus on what is truly needed, even if one is not conscious of what Moon Since ancient times, the Moon has been associated with woman and her fertility, monthly cycle, powers of nurturing and powers of darkness.

The Moon, ruler of the night and the mysteries of the dark, represents wetness, moisture, intuition, emotion, tides, the psychic, moods and madness. It embodies time, for its phases provided humankind with the first calendar. The Moon is associated with the metal silver, favored by Witches for its properties as an amulet see amulets and as an enhancer of psychic powers. Among these abilities bilocation is of particular interest see 5, where, however, the biloca-tion is said to have taken place between Metapontum and Tauromenium.

The neo-Pythagorean Apollonius of Tyana similarly manifested himself simultaneously at Ephesus and Thurii Pherecydes of Syros, whose supposed floruit was the mid-sixth century B.

He speculated on the origins of the cosmos and was a proponent of the immortality of the soul. He is said to have been the first writer of Greek prose. For snake-blasting see 49, with commentary. Cunningham's intense devotion to his work and his prolific outpouring of writing perhaps was fueled in part by his intuition that his time might be limited.

In , at age 27, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. After surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and healing rituals and spells, the cancer was in remission. Symbolism is the use of an easily recognized creature or object to represent a more abstract or elevated concept.

Thus a serpent may be used to represent psychic power and connection to the Divine. A feather may represent truth, purity, or the element of Air. Or the Chalice may be used to represent the womb of creation, and the Goddess' all-pervading, all-sustaining Spirit. As you can see, both rituals have many things in common, as well as their considerable differences, all or any of which can be incorporated into an initiation ceremony by the resourceful practitioner he should also include any additional coven symbolism required.

As always, it remains a matter of personal choice and intuition as to what is included and what left out, what bias the ritual should have -knowledge and power with its Hermetic overtones or love and joy with its Dionysian ones.

Also known by the folk names gallowgrass, ganja, and neckweed, the hemp is an intoxicating plant with a long magickal history. Being a common ingredient in many love spells from centuries gone by, it was also added to love potions to inspire the affections of others. Additionally, it was believed to facilitate the psychic powers, and for this reason it was often dried and burned by diviners as incense along with mugwort prior to, and during, the scrying of magick mirrors.

Each night, or whenever you have time, you can explore your inner psychic powers at your altar. For example, you can gaze into a candle or scry into a bowl of water on the surface of which you have dripped coloured inks. Try holding the different crystals that you place on your altar and allow impressions to pass through your fingertips, manifest as images, sounds or feelings.

This psychic art is called psychometry and is one that will emerge spontaneously. The article delves into the serio-comic aspects of modern young witchcraft , that it is a form of guerrilla theatre, a continuance of the neolithic religion that worshipped the earth goddess before Christianity.

It mentions the underground California Druids. The author points out that the I Ching, tarot cards , astrology , Meher Baba, Zen Buddhism, auras, psychism, parapsychology, psychokinesis, are all part of this new resurgence in the neo-sacred culminating in witchcraft and magic.

He pointed out that those involved had some of the highest scholastic marks and were intellectual aristocrats. You might not have enough psychic energy to influence other people in a subtle way, but you certainly have enough energy to influence yourself.

Witchcraft is a way of disciplining your subconscious, so you can achieve success. Apart from the objects and chants, it is basically an exercise of the mind. Can anyone teach himself to do it Being a witch is a genetic thing, but anyone can work at the arts and powers of witchcraft for their own personal gain.

There is a psychic energy that not everybody shares. Everyone is NOT born equal, and not everybody develops this. You can learn the trade, the tools of witchcraft , just as you can learn how to paint that won't immediately make you a great painter. It can be fun to belong to a choral group like the Sweet Adelines, but that doesn't make you a great operatic singer. Most people have experienced the power of psychic vibration, although many don't realize what it is.

It's that feeling of instant recognition that flows between two people, like electricity. Sometimes it's mistaken for love at first sight, many times as a strong sexual attraction.

In actuality, it's the psychic force emanating from the individual, not the individual himself, which causes the attraction.

Two people may be operating on the same wave length, the same level of psychic energy when that happens, they zing into each other like 'two strangers in a foreign land, drawn to each other by a common bond of nationality.

It's not necessarily love, or even sex. It's psychic attraction and should be recognized as such.

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