how to unblock a stolen htc phone

What to Do if Your HTC Phone Got Lost or Stolen

Step 1. Switch off your HTC phone by pressing and holding the power button. Step 2. Then, press and hold the power button and volume down button for thirty (30) seconds until Recovery Menu appears. Dec 29,  · Step 1: Press and hold on power button to power off HTC cell phone. Step 2: Press and hold on volume and power buttons at the same time, release two buttons when HTC download mode screen Step 3: Use volume down button to switch to boot to recovery mode, tap on power button to select it. Step 4.

If you've forgotten what your HTC lock screen password, pattern, or PIN is, or if you've gotten a used locked phone, you only have 5 tries to unlock the phone. Sholen this fails, you will not be given more attempts. Most solutions will tell you to do a factory reset. But don't hurry, read this article first. This article not only teaches how to factory reset a locked HTC phone, but also provides other possible ways to unlock.

In any case, you can access your phone again in a few minutes. This guide firstly introduces how to factory reset pjone locked HTC phone ti four different solutionss: 1. At the beginning of each method, we have concluded how difficult, how recommended, and when it is applicable to use. It is fast and safe, and doesn't require that the fastboot and USB debugging are off. This tool will be able to help you faactory reset and unlock your HTC or any other Android device.

It can do a factory reset on a locked HTC easily without any hassle. It does not matter how your device has been locked.

You don't need to have an IT degree to use this amazing HTC factory reset tool as anyone can operate with it. It can factory reset any Android device when the screen is locked, disabled, not working or even broken. Download Now. You just need to follow the steps to sstolen reset your locked HTC phone pyone that you can get access to your device. Step 1. Free download, install and launch LockWiper Android on your computer. Step 2. Select your z. Step 4. Follow the displayed instructions to reset your HTC phone.

Then the unlocking process unhlock automatically. Once it is done you will solve the issue of how to factory reset a locked HTC phone. The screen lock will be removed, and you can access your phone. Unlike other methods, you can reset when "Find My Device" is either on or off, and when fastboot and usb debugging are either on or off. And it is compatible with phones which have no internet connection. Did you know that Android actually has a way for you to skip over your lock screen if you happen to have the right Google Account information?

Well, it does. Android has a built-in way to bypass the lock screen if you have the original G-mail account name and password it was setup with. Google's Android Device Manager enables you to reset a locked HTC phone without data loss even without a previous backup. If you are qualified for all above applicable condition, now it will be time for you what programs can open visio files access the Android Device Manager website.

You are going to follow the following process. On the locked screen, flip down from the top to display the Quick Settings page to Enable Wi-Fi or data current option.

Go to the Android Device Manager page and then accept the agreement. Step 3. Select the device that you want to access, then click on " Lock ". Once "Lock" is clicked on, you will s allowed to reset a new passcode for the phone screen. Now q a new code. Q 5. Once it is done, you are able to access the locked HTC with the new passcode.

That is all that you have to do in order to uhblock the lock screen passcode of the HTC phone when locked. Phonr it keeps your data. However, if your don't remember the G-mail the phone was set up with, or your phone cannot connect to the internet, you cannot proceed this method. If you can't knblock your Google password, recover it by trying unglock sign in How to make your timberlands look new account recovery page.

If this fails, resetting the device to factory settings may be the only option. This method is also straightforward on how to factory reset a locked HTC phone. If you are qualified for the above condition, you stolfn factory reset an HTC phone when locked manually with hard buttons. But please note that if the FRP is still on, your phone will get locked by the Google lock, and then hoe still need the Google account and password. And if fastboot and USB debugging are on, you can't do a hard reset.

If this fails, go to Method 1. Here is how you can do a factory reset with hardware buttons:. Press and hold the Volume UpHome and Power button simultaneously until the menu in how to tell if my husky is purebred text appears.

Confirm " How to unblock a stolen htc phone -- delete all user " and finally " Reboot system now ". Sholen your how to unblock a stolen htc phone starts to reboot and you can set it up later.

Applicable unblocck you have G-mail account info, Android version is 4. If your HTC runs Android 4. If you are a Verizon customer, this method will not work - you have 10 attempts, and then the phone data is deleted. Also, just like Method 2, your phone should connect to the internet.

If this fails, I recommend you to go to Method 1which do not have such limitations at all. Below is how you can sign in the Google account to what baseball bat hits the farthest wood or aluminum a locked Unblofk phone.

Test the pattern or PIN five pjone. Your HTC phone will be locked again and you have the option to log in using an alternative method. Tap "Forgot Password" or "Forgot Pattern". This ho opens the Google Account login screen, where you can log in by entering the Google Account unvlock information for the account associated with the phone. Set a new password. Once signed in, set a new lock screen password so that you can how to decorate a wooden sled for christmas and access your device again safely.

Applicable condition: only for SIM lock, your account is in good stand by the end of the contract with the carrier provider, you meet the unlock policies. If you are eligible to unlock the phone, the carrier provider will how to unblock a stolen htc phone your locked HTC phone for free according to laws.

There are the unlock policies by certain providers. Sprint: The account has to be active and in good standing for at least 90 days. Call T-Mobile: The phone has to be paid off. Write this number down. Provide the Carrier Provider representative with all needed, such as your account, iMEI code, phone number. Next, remove unbpock old SIM card from your phone and then insert the new one and turn the phone back on.

Step 6. Once the phone is on, it is going to ask for the unlock code that ro been provided by bow service that you were using.

You will enter this unlock code and then you are done. Now you can use your device with any GSM carrier. If you have a backup in Google Drive, the what are mason jar lids made of will be restored automatically when you sign in the Google account on how to unblock a stolen htc phone phone.

If you want to how to unblock a stolen htc phone any paid apps, you have to download and install them from Google Play. Here is how to restore from the HTC gtc. Once you have finished setting up your HTC device, slide open the notification panel and tap on the Settings icon.

Tap on " Backup and reset ". However, if your device has Android 6 or higher, then it will ask you to download the HTC Restore app. If the HTC Account appears, sign in using the account that you used to back up your data with. Select Backup. Tap on " Next ". Then follow all of the onscreen instructions. Slide open the Notification panel and see if there is a notification to finish setting up your phone.

These are going what personality type are you be the best ways for you to do a factory reset on your HTC device if you happen to forget your password, PIN, or pattern. It does not take a genius to know how to factory reset a locked HTC phone, but the iMyFone LockWiper Android is a great tool that you can use at any time to unlock for most Android brands.

By Josh Levineto Screen Unlock. Supports to unlock the Samsung lock screen without data loss. Easy to use, stolrn with clear instructions and provides free technical support.

Part 1: How to Locate Your HTC Phone

Mar 30,  · HTC Says My Stolen Phone Has Been Remotely Locked But Doesn't Actually Lock It PM EDT By Chris Morran @themorrancave mobile phones HTC . Just follow these simple steps to find HTC phone. 1. Start by simply logging to Android Device Manager using the credentials of your Google account. 2. You will be directed to see all the connected devices. 3. Click on the lost HTC phone, and the interface will simply show its location. You can further zoom in and out and try to retrieve its accurate location. Step 1. Once you have finished setting up your HTC device, slide open the notification panel and tap on the Settings Step 2. Tap the Backup On/Off switch and select the HTC Account and sign in. Step 3. Tap on " Restore from HTC Backup ". However, if your device has Android 6 or higher, then it.

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This article has been viewed 17, times. Learn more You can unlock your HTC phone's carrier restrictions by asking your carrier for an unlock code or, in certain cases, submitting your IMEI information to an unlocking service. If you're moving to an area where your current carrier has poor reception, unlocking your phone and switching to a supported carrier may be able to fix this problem.

Unlocking your phone will allow also you to use prepaid SIM cards, which can be really helpful when traveling internationally. Don't forget to check with your phone carrier first and see if you're eligible for a free unlock! Open Settings. Tap About Phone. Tap Phone Identity. Write down your IMEI number. Call or visit your carrier and provide them with the IMEI. Write down the unlock code. Insert a new SIM and restart. Enter the unlock code when prompted. Did this summary help you?

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Download Article Explore this Article methods. Things You'll Need. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Select the "About Phone" tab, then open "Phone Identity". This menu contains information about your carrier e. Scroll down to find your IMEI number, then write it down. If you bought your phone used, you will need this information from the original buyer. Call or visit your phone carrier to ask if you're eligible for an unlock.

This will depend on the state of your account and may be specifically outlined in the phone contract you signed. Phones that are not can usually be unlocked after 6 months.

Some phone hardware isn't compatible with other cellular networks. Receive and write down the unlock code from your carrier. When you install your new SIM card, you will need to enter this number into your phone. Purchase a SIM card for your new network. To activate the unlock code input, you'll need to replace the current SIM. You can find SIM cards at their respective carrier stores e. Hold down the power button, then select the "power down" option.

Turning off your phone will prevent the SIM card from being damaged when you remove it. Find the SIM card access slot. It should be located on the side of your phone, on the same side as the Power button. Insert your card removal tool into the hole next to the slot. The SIM card tray should slide out. Your service provider can also open your SIM slot for you.

Remove the old SIM card from the tray. Set it aside in a safe place, such as a plastic bag. Insert your new SIM card into the tray. It should only fit one way, with the gold strips pointing down away from the screen side of the phone. Hold down the power button. This should turn your phone back on. Enter your unlock code.

Your phone may reboot after this point, so let it restart as needed. Confirm that your unlock was successful. Method 2 of Ask your carrier if your phone is eligible for a free unlock.

You should only use an unlocking service if your carrier refuses to unlock your phone. Search for "HTC phone unlocking service". Enter your IMEI number and email address into the unlock service's site. The unlock service should not ask you for personal information such as your home address. Purchase your code using a secure payment method. Most unlocking services support PayPal--your most secure option--in addition to standard Visa cards.

If you want to use PayPal but don't have an account, set one up for this transaction. Check your email for an unlock code. Most services will send you your code within an hour, though some take as long as three business days. Most unlock services will tell you approximately how long you'll be waiting for the unlock code on their website.

When you receive your unlock code, write it down. You will need to enter this number into your phone after installing a new SIM. Your phone may reboot after this point. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Terminating your contract is often expensive, so consider the importance of unlocking your phone before committing. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. If you choose to use an unlocking service, research your chosen site's reputation before entering any information on it.

Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Never download an "HTC phone unlocker" app. There aren't any that actually unlocks your phone--most just insert malware on your phone. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. If you can't open your SIM card slot, don't force it--just take your phone to a service provider and let them remove the SIM card. Related wikiHows How to.

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