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One of the longest-running mysteries of Star Wars Rebels was of what happened to Ahsoka Tano in the Season 2 finale after she faced off against Darth Vader. Given that Vader survived the encounter. The Star Wars franchise has spawned multiple films and television series. Two animated series were released in the mids. Further animated series began to be released in the s, the first two of which focused on the prequel trilogy-era Clone Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, only The Clone Wars was kept in the canon of continuity of the episodic Star Wars films.

Being a reboot of the previous 2D series Star Wars: Clone Wars Чeach episode had a running time of approximately 22 minutes to fill a half-hour time slot instead of the 3Ч15 minute episodes that the previous series had. Dave Filoni was the supervising director of the series. The Clone Wars was a massive ratings success, becoming one of Cartoon Network's highest rated shows during its initial run.

Throughout its run, the series received mostly positive reception from critics, receiving praise for its writing, action, characters, visuals, voice acting, music, scale and tone. The series has also garnered a massive fan following and was also nominated for many industry awards, including the Daytime Emmy Awards and the Annie Awards. In earlyLucasfilm announced that The Clone Wars would be "winding down". The series focuses on the eponymous conflict between the Galactic Republicwhich is supported by the Jedi Orderand the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a movement organized by the Sith Lord Count Dooku to unite numerous planetary systems seeking independence from the Republic against it.

Unbeknownst to the galaxy, Darth SidiousDooku's secret master, is the one pulling the strings of both sides, as part of his master plan to eliminate the Jedi and gain enough power to create a new governing state under his rule. The series was initially conceived as an anthologywith episodes sharing little narrative connections between them, but later seasons feature story arcs that span several episodes.

The antagonists are typically members of the Separatist Alliance, though numerous episodes also focus on crime lordsbounty huntersand Force -sensitive characters Sith or just dark side users who are not affiliated with the Separatists. Season one focuses on various battles fought between the Republic and the Separatists, and their efforts to convince more planets and races to join them.

The main antagonists are Count Dooku, his informal apprentice Asajj Ventressand the cyborg commander of the Separatists' droid armies, General Grievous. There are also several episodes how to cook black cod fillet do not focus on the conflict with the Separatists, but rather other aspects of the Clone Wars.

Season two features both one episode-storylines, and a few arcs that span between two and five episodes. This season focuses heavily on bounty hunter characters, with one story arc featuring Darth Sidious hiring Cad Bane to steal a holocron from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant that will help him locate Force-sensitive children, while another deals with Boba Fett beginning his bounty hunter career and, alongside a group of more experienced mercenaries, seeking revenge against Mace Windu for killing his father.

Other major story arcs focus on the planet Mandalorewhich took a neutral stance in the Clone Wars and whose pacifist leader, Duchess Satine Kryzeis targeted by both the Separatists and the Mandalorian terrorist faction Death Watch; and the Jedi leading Republic forces in an assault on the main Separatist battle droid manufacturing facility on Geonosis. The first half of both season three and four are diplomatic in nature, and focus on the role of the Republic Senate in the Clone Wars, and how different races and planets are affected by the galaxy-wide conflict, as well as the Republic's efforts to help them.

During season three, several story arcs focus on the development of certain characters, such as Anakin, who is led to an ancient Force realm alongside Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, and learns more about the nature of the Force and his role as the Chosen One ; Ahsoka, who defies Anakin's orders to join his team in a mission to break a Jedi Master out of a Separatist prison, and must later lead her own team of captured Jedi Padawans when they find themselves hunted by Trandoshans ; and Ventress, who is betrayed by Dooku, returns to her Nightsister clan on Dathomirand tries to exact revenge on her former master through his new apprentice, Savage Opresswho ultimately turns on both Ventress and Dooku to follow his own path.

In season four, one story arc focuses on the st Legion, who must act independently for the first time when the Jedi General they have been temporarily assigned to serve under is revealed to be a traitor, how to get nike combat jerseys in ncaa 2011 manipulates them into killing each other, forcing the clones to capture and execute him. Other story arcs feature Obi-Wan faking his death and going undercover as a bounty hunter to thwart a plot to capture Chancellor Palpatine ; Ventress abandoning her Sith ways and becoming a bounty hunter after the Separatists' massacre of the Nightsisters; and Savage finding his long-lost brother, Darth Maulwho seeks revenge against Obi-Wan for his defeat over a decade prior.

Season five features five main story arcs. In the how to find qibla direction in a room one, the Republic helps a group of rebels from Onderon, led by siblings Steela and Saw Gerreraliberate their planet from Separatist occupation.

The second arc focuses on a group of Jedi younglings who, after completing their path to becoming Padawans, have to prove themselves by rescuing Ahsoka from pirates. The third arc revolves around a team of droids who, while undertaking a mission to intercept an encrypted Separatist message, encounter an amnesiac former clone commando and must help him recover star wars what happened to ahsoka memories to escape the planet they have been stranded on. The fourth arc deals with the return of Darth Maul, who joins forces with Death Watch and other criminal syndicates to take over Mandalore and exact revenge on Obi-Wan.

Star wars what happened to ahsoka final arc features Ahsoka being framed for bombing the Jedi Temple, and having to prove her innonence while on the run from the Republic. Though she is ultimately cleared of the charges against her after Anakin captures the real culprit, Ahsoka elects to abandon the Jedi Order, leaving Anakin devastated.

Season seven consists of three story arcs. The first one is focused on Captain Rex's character, as star wars what happened to ahsoka, Anakin, and a team of clones with genetic mutations rescue ARC Trooper Echo, previously believed to have been killed in action, and defeat the Separatists on Anaxes with his help. The second one focuses on Ahsoka, who befriends sisters Trace and Rafa Martez and helps them settle a debt with the Pyke Syndicate, while trying to conceal her Force powers because of the sisters' hatred of Jedi.

The final arc, which is set concurrently with Revenge of the Sithstar wars what happened to ahsoka depicts the Siege of Mandalore, a battle that had been referenced in previous Star Wars media.

Ahsoka reluctantly returns to the Republic to lead an assault alongside Rex and Mandalorian warrior Bo-Katan Kryze against Darth Maul's forces on Mandalore in hopes of capturing him. Unbeknowst to them, Maul has foreseen the fall of the Republic and the Jedi Order, and Darth Sidious turning Anakin to the dark side, and hopes to prevent these events by killing the latter.

After Maul is captured, Sidious executes Order 66, causing Ahsoka to be attacked by her own clone troopers, whom she is hesitant to kill.

She manages to restore Rex's free will, and releases Maul to cause a distraction, but he ends up disabling the ship they are on. All three ultimately star wars what happened to ahsoka, with Ahsoka and Rex later burying the clones who died in the ship's crash, and going their separate ways.

The final scene of the series shows Darth Vader finding Ahsoka's lightsaber among the ship's wreckage some time later, and leaving with it in silence.

The series started with a theatrically released animated film ; this decision were made after the production team watched completed footage of several early episodes for the planned television series, which were ultimately combined into a single feature-length film. Pictures distributed the film, while subsequent episodes aired separately on Cartoon Network. On December 5,a full-length feature cut of one of the Season 3 trilogies of episodes the one composed by "Nightsisters," "Monster," and "Witches of the Mist" was released for download on iTunes as an uninterrupted movie [18] that was previously shown at selected screenings what does cesar millan feed his dogs The three episodes were written by Katie Lucaswho had previously written the Season 1 episode "Jedi Crash" as well as the Season 3 episodes "Sphere of Influence" and "Assassin.

Each installment contained unobtrusive text windows giving supplemental information about the characters and events playing out on screen. The series was cancelled in March star wars what happened to ahsoka, after the conclusion of its fifth season, as a result of The Walt Disney Company 's acquisition of Lucasfilm and the decision to remove most Star Wars Expanded Universe works from canon.

Despite this, The Clone Wars was one of the few pieces of Star Wars media to remain part of the new continuity established by Disney, and a sixth season was released on March 7, on Netflixalong with additional media, such as comic books and novels, based on unfinished story arcs that would have been included in the season.

On August 23,series creator Dave Filoni announced at the D23 Expo that it will be the final season. On March 17,in recognition of the release of the complete series on Netflix, StarWars. According to another statement by Sansweet, "Lucasfilm Animation will be hiring a total of about digital artists and others in both California and Singapore locations to produce not only the star wars what happened to ahsoka but animated feature films in the years ahead.

The Maya 3D-modeling program was used to create the highly detailed worlds, characters and creatures. Character designer Kilian Plunkett referred to the character designs from Genndy Tartakovsky 's original Clone Wars series[28] and animators reviewed designs from the 2D series when creating the animation style. InRob Coleman divulged that one episode was complete, with 15 more in production, and that he was going to direct five of the first 22 episodes.

He revealed that the reaction from licensees was very positive, and that the final assembly of shows was done at Skywalker Ranch. The first trailer for the series was released on the official Star Wars website on May 8, The episode Mr. Rigler performed on was based on Bulgarian music and played on Uilleann pipes. Kevin Kiner composed the original score for each episode. Stuart Snyder, who oversaw Cartoon Network and other Turner Broadcasting System cable networks from tosaid he became interested in the new Clone Wars series immediately upon starting the job in May Snyder flew out to San Francisco, California to screen several episodes, and told Lucas the only place he wanted to see the show was on Cartoon Network.

Snyder expressed confidence that the shows would help boost ratings: "You catch me at a time where I have a smile on my face because of our internal results. I can say there's a little bit of bragging on the third quarter for us.

The "Young Padawans" arc from Season 5 was intended to be aired separately from The Clone Wars as a feature-length pilot for a spin-off series that never materialized. An online comic released alongside the series depicts story snippets between episodes. The Clone Wars premiered on October 3, at 9 p.

The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network what size socket for wheel nuts shown in a 1. The show began airing on their Adult Swim block on March 14,making the series the first Cartoon Network series to simultaneously air on both Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

The series also aired from January 15 to March 26, on TNTmaking it the first form of animation to air on that channel in over a decade. The show has been taken off the air in off-network syndication since fall due to low costs and was not renewed for Season 2 in the TV Season due to Disney's completed acquisitions of Lucasfilm Ltd In December On February 13,Netflix announced that starting on March 7, they would begin the US distribution of the entire TV series, including some previously unreleased director's cutsand how to clamp off ng tube previously unaired new season dubbed "The Lost Missions".

The show was removed from Netflix on April 7, Apart from the season-by-season videodisc sets, there were also three special DVD releases consisting of four episodes from a particular season that reflected a certain story arc or theme:. Although it began with mixed-to-positive reviews, the series achieved critical acclaim over time.

The site's critics consensus reads, "With an agreeably entertaining first season, Star What does scada stand for in engineering The Clone Wars opens a fun, kid-friendly chapter of the franchise's sprawling mythology.

The site's critics consensus reads, "Sophisticated storytelling and quality animation make the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars a fitting end to the series. The site's critics consensus reads, "Thanks to its beautifully animated action-sequences and its impressively layered storytelling, The Clone Wars ' final chapter affirms its place as one of Star Wars ' greatest entries. The Hollywood Reporter ' s Live Feed blog called the footage star wars what happened to ahsoka the most photo-realistic animated TV series ever produced.

IGN named it the 89th best animated series. The series averaged 3 how to use fft in matlab total viewers in its debutaccording to Nielsen Media Research. Cartoon Network said the Star Wars spin-off ranked as the number one channel among all major animated networks in the time slot among total viewers the largest in the demographic for any premiere telecast of an original Cartoon series. At the time of cancellation in March65 more episodes were in development.

In SeptemberStarWars. A four-episode arc continued the story of Darth Maul following the events from the season 5 episode "The Lawless", detailing his escape from Sidious; Maul regains control of the criminal Shadow Collective, and battles Dooku, Grievous, and What is the age of preschool. Two arcs consisting each of four episodes were released on the official Star Wars website for free in the form of complete animaticsalbeit with unfinished animation as those episodes only went through the earliest stages of production.

Both were fully voiced by the cast. In Septemberfour unfinished episodes were released on the official Star Wars website. The arc took place on Utapau with Obi-Wan and Anakin investigating an arms deal involving the Separatists and a Kyber crystal.

The arc also dealt with Anakin's feelings after the star wars what happened to ahsoka of Ahsoka. The arc was subsequently released on StarWars. The completed episodes were aired as the first part of the seventh season.

Seven video games have been released, which are based on the style and character designs of the series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American animated television series. Military science fiction Action Adventure. Kevin Kiner. Warner Bros. Revived series aired between February 21 and May 4, CGCG Inc. Archived from the original on August 26, Cartoon Network. Archived from the original on January 16, Retrieved January 25,

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Ahsoka Tano (codenamed "Fulcrum") was a former Jedi Padawan and Rebel informant who provided missions and intelligence that supported the Rebels in their fight against the Galactic Empire.. To ensure the secrecy and security of Tano's identity, Hera Syndulla was the only member of the Ghost crew who made contact. Additionally, "Fulcrum" used scrambled audio in transmissions to disguise her voice. Star Wars The Black Series ND Ahsoka's Clone Trooper Toy 6-Inch-Scale Star Wars: The Clone Wars Collectible Action Figure, Ages 4 and Up. ND AHSOKA'S CLONE TROOPER: During the Clone Wars, a division of the st Clone Troopers pledged their loyalty to Ahsoka Tano, demonstrating this with their repainted helmets STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS: Fans and collectors can imagine . Ahsoka Tano, a Togruta female, was the Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker and a hero of the Clone Wars. Alongside Anakin, she grew from headstrong student into a mature leader. But her destiny laid along a different path than the Jedi.

While the canon and lore of Star Wars has evolved and changed over the years, one thing that has been a constant is that the once-mighty Jedi was destroyed to near extinction at the end of the Clone Wars. The overarching theme of both the classic and sequel trilogy is a young protagonist slowly bringing the Jedi back. By the end of the movie, the Empire was born with Darth Sidious and Darth Vader standing alongside one another and the Jedi almost entirely purged.

However, not all the Jedi were killed following Order There are two obvious ones who were crucial to the original trilogy, but not as many know that there were other Jedi who survived the purge. None of the various Star Wars TV series have taken place around the time during and in the immediate aftermath of Order What will be interesting about this last season is if they show Order 66 from a different perspective and see how the surviving Jedi made it out.

To prepare for what should be an epic final season of Clone Wars , here's a list of every Jedi who survived the purge in Star Wars canon. The first of the two most obvious survivors of Order 66 is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Played by Alec Guinness in the original Star Wars , Kenobi under the pseudonym Ben introduced Luke Skywalker and the audience the backstory of the Jedi and the Empire's destroying of them. Kenobi taught Luke Skywalker the ways of the force.

Kenobi gave himself up in the rematch to Darth Vader to save Luke and company. This set up his epic duel with Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Vader, on Mustafar where Kenobi would win, leaving Vader with his severed limbs and severe burns.

Perhaps his biggest mistake was leaving him alive. The second obvious Jedi who survived Order 66 was the master Jedi Yoda. When Luke found his home base, he traveled the Dagobah system with R2-D2 to look for the master who taught Obi-Wan all that he knew. In the dark and swampy system, Luke was harassed by a wild small creature. That small creature turned out to be Yoda. What ensued were some of the best scenes in Star Wars history in which Yoda implemented his wisdom with memorable lines and moments.

Despite learning a lot from the small green creature, Luke had to leave unprepared to save his friends and confront Darth Vader for the first time ever. When Order 66 occurred, Yoda survived and fought Darth Sidious to a draw. Yoda would plant the seeds for the events of the classic trilogy before escaping to the Dagobah system. Ahsoka Tano is arguably the most recognizable Star Wars character to have not been in any of the feature films. In the television series, Tano leaves the Jedi after being framed for treason and murder, and the Jedi Order turning their backs on her despite being innocent.

Although she's no longer a Jedi when Order 66 happens, Ahsoka was targeted because she was a part of the Republic military. However, she faked her own death. Tano's voice was also one of those that called out to Rey in Episode IX. Jarrus became a smuggler and led a small rebel group called the Ghost crew. Things changed in the series once he met a force-sensitive teenager named Ezra Bridger and embraced his Jedi past once again.

Kanan's voice was also among the many past Jedi to empower Rey in the climax of Rise of Skywalker. A fan-favorite the Clone Wars series, Quinlan Vos was a Jedi who spent plenty of his time doing undercover missions. His background as a part of a group known as the Kiffar gave him the unique force power to witness pass events by touching objects that were involved in them. It would make sense for him to live because he was on an undercover mission during Order 66 and was not near any clones.

Vos also makes a brief cameo in Episode I. In legends continuity, the librarian of the Jedi Temple perished in Order 66, but in the new Disney canon, she appears in the comics. Her knowledge of the Jedi Order along with mind tricks helped her evade the clones.

The easiest way for a Jedi to survive Order 66 is to turn to the Dark Side. The Grand Inquisitor was a former guard of the Jedi temple who lost his faith and aligned with the Empire, leading a group of turncoat Jedi on a mission to eliminate the Order in the aftermath of Order The survivor of all survivors, K'Kruhk in legends canon managed to outlast everyone from Anakin to Luke Skywalker.

The Jedi who was featured in the original Clone Wars cartoon benefited from lengthy hibernation when wounded and appeared dead. A new episode arrives each Friday. Writer for CBR. Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Indiana Jones 5 Adds Mads Mikkelsen.

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