what do you feed sugar gliders

Major Takeaway: Three Simple Keys to Feeding Your Sugar Glider Put a bowl with about 20 pellets of Glide-R-Chow topped with an ice cube of Glide-R-Gravy in their cage every night, an 1/8th slice of apple (per animal) and sprinkle a pinch of Glide-A-Mins on their apple and youre all set! Sugar gliders in the wild feed on eucalyptus gum, sap, insects, nectar, and honeydew (an excretory product of nectar-eating insects). They will also eat bird eggs, lizards, small birds, and other small prey.

The correct diet for sugar gliders is a controversial subject. Like many animals that are relatively new in the pet tradetheir needs are somewhat of a mystery, but the longer they are kept the more is known about their needs.

Unfortunately, many books, pet stores, and Internet sites provide conflicting information, what do you feed sugar gliders does little to help the situation. However, as with most species, discovering what works nutritionally is a matter of gllders and error as there are few studies on the nutrition of pet species other than cats or dogs. Obviously, the requirements of sugar gliders are of importance to their overall health, and what do you feed sugar gliders are prone to metabolic bone disease resulting sugqr an improper ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the diet.

If a diet is higher fsed phosphorus than calcium, calcium will be leached from the bones and other tissues to balance levels in the blood. This results in a softening of the bones, making them susceptible to fractures, along with a myriad of other health problems related to calcium imbalance. Sugar gliders in the wild feed on eucalyptus gum, sap, insects, nectar, and honeydew an excretory product of nectar-eating insects. They will also eat bird eggs, lizards, small birds, and other small prey.

This diet is difficult to replicate in captivity. To thrive in captivity, they require a varied diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables and protein from various sources primarily insects. Fresh water must be available at all times. Whatspecificallyshould be included in a varied diet?

We spoke how to get red out of hair the exotic animal veterinarian and author Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney to what do you feed sugar gliders out. Her feeding recommendations are based on studies of the natural diets of sugar gliders designed in consultation with Australian zookeepers and veterinarians.

The suggested amounts are per sugar gliderper day, fed in the evening. The amount should be adjusted depending on activity, size, teed, etc. As fded previously, the recommendations for feeding are many and varied. Important considerations are maintaining a calcium-phosphorus ratio that is in the range of calcium to phosphorus and avoiding fats and refined sugars. If you decide to change a diet, you must do it gradually and make sure that the gliders do not get stressed by the change and are in fact adapting to the new diet.

If you maintain multiple gliders in the same cage, careful attention must be paid to make sure all the gliders are consuming an appropriate amount and combination of foods. Note: never feed sugar gliders chocolate, as it is toxic! References and Resources. Disorders and Diseases how to remove salt from suede boots Sugar Gliders.

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Major Takeaway: Three Simple Keys to Feeding Your Sugar Glider

Ideally, you should provide live insects for your sugar gliders because this is what they would eat in the wild. You can also give them other proteins such as lean meats and eggs. The other half of their diet is split 25% vegetables and 25% fruits. You will need to be able to provide fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Sugar gliders do not eat large portions, so you can keep frozen fruits and veggies and .

The first is protein, the second is fresh fruits and vegetables and the last thing is just a quick vitamin supplement that fills in all the gaps. Using the special, WEIGHTED food bowl that we provide to you in our starter kit, put about 20 pellets in the bowl and just leave it in the cage at all times.

The fact is, one of the most FUN things about getting a new baby sugar glider in your family is watching them eat. When you picked up your Sugar gliders, they should have given you a free one-month supply of this and it looks like this bag of white powder.

The directions are right on the label, but all you do is:. We recommend giving them their fruits and vegetables in the evening just before going to bed but almost anytime later in the evening is fine. Now, if you only have one baby Sugar glider, cut them about an eighth of a slice of apple every day and leave the peeling on it but just be sure to cut the seeds out.

For 2 Sugar gliders, give them two slices and treat the apple the same. Keeping it down low like that will make it easy for your Sugar glider to find it especially when the babies are small, However.. Basically, the idea here is to take some kind of clear PLASTIC bowl or box that has a sealable lid, flip it upside down, and cut a couple holes in it. Then, put their food bowl and all their food in it and whenever they want to eat, they will go inside.

To make one of these, all you need are TWO things. The second thing is some kind of TOOL that will cut a couple holes in the plastic. When picking out the right plastic bowl or box, there are a couple simple things that you want to keep in mind. This allows you to easily see inside their dining room any time you want, so you can tell how much food they have and when it needs to be changed. The reason you want this container to have a sealable lid, is so that you can easily take the whole thing in and out of their cage any time you want without spilling anything.

The second thing to consider when picking out the right bowl or box is just the SIZE of it. Generally speaking, you want their dining room to be big enough that all your Sugar gliders can be easily be in it at the same time but it also needs to be small enough to fit in and out of the cage door. You can easily do this with a knife, scissors or even a hole saw. Then, pop the container back together set it back in the cage.. A few examples of some good healthy foods like this would be a grape or two, a green bean, a chunk of carrot, a slice of cantaloupe, broccoli, or sweet potatoes..

If your Sugar glider were living out in the wild, they would normally get all the vitamins they need from the bones of their prey, the hard-shells of the insects they eat and from generally nibbling on other things. However, in captivity, they HAVE to be given this calcium and other nutrients as supplements. For more detailed instructions on exactly how to do this, just log in to the Family Circle section of our website. When your sugar gliders are hanging out in your shirt pocket or in a pouch, it is unlikely that they would go poop or pee in there unless of course they have no other choice.

Close menu. Facebook Instagram. Shopping Cart. The directions are right on the label, but all you do is: throw it in a blender, add water, and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Then, once a night , just pop out one cube. Berry-Licious Glide-R-Chow. Add to Cart. Almost There What About these Sugar Glider Vitamins? What About Going to the Bathroom? Sugar Gliders for Sale.

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