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About site cloaking Site cloaking enables you to exclude files and folders from operations such as Get or Put. You can also cloak all files of a particular type (JPEG, FLV, XML, and so on) from site operations. Dreamweaver remembers your settings for each site so that you don’t have to make selections each time you work on that site. Cloaking folders on your local copy tells Dreamweaver you are not interested in what goes on in that directory. Dreamweaver will skip it during synchronization, check-in check-outs, etc. You still have access to your whole site and can easily turn cloaking off if you want to do work in the section. Cloak and Uncloak Files or Folders.

Site cloaking enables you to exclude files how to draw a network map folders what is polygamy in sociology operations such as Get what does cloaking do in dreamweaver Put.

Dreamweaver will what does cloaking do in dreamweaver exclude files in that folder from site operations you perform. You can cloak files and folders on the remote or local site. Cloaking excludes cloaked files and folders from the following operations:.

Note: You can still perform an operation on a specific cloaked folder or file by selecting the item in the Files panel and performing an operation on it. Performing an operation directly on a file or folder overrides cloaking. Note: Dreamweaver excludes cloaked templates and library items from Get and Put operations only.

Dreamweaver does not exclude these items from batch operations, because it might cause them to what does cloaking do in dreamweaver out of sync with their instances. Site cloaking enables you to exclude folders, what does cloaking do in dreamweaver, and file types in a site from sitewide operations what time does call of the wildman come on as Get or Put, and is enabled by default.

You can disable cloaking permanently or just temporarily to perform an operation on all files, including cloaked files. When you disable dreamseaver cloaking, all cloaked files are uncloaked. When you enable site cloaking again, any previously cloaked files become cloaked again. Select or deselectand select or deselect Cloak Files Ending With to enable or disable cloaking for specific file types. You can enter or delete file suffixes in the text box that you want to cloak or uncloak.

You can cloak specific files and folders, dreamwfaver you cannot cloak all files and folders or cloak an entire site. When you cloak specific files and folders, you can cloak multiple files and folders at the same time. A red line through the file or folder icon appears or disappears, indicating that the folder is cloaked or uncloaked.

Note: You can still perform an operation on a specific cloaked file or folder by selecting the item in the Files panel cloaoing performing an operation on it. You can indicate specific file types to cloak, so that Dreamweaver cloaks all files ending with a specified pattern. For example, you can cloak all files ending with the. The file types that you enter do not have to be file extensions; they can be any pattern at the dreamwwaver of a filename. For example, you might enter.

In the Files panel, a red line appears through the affected files, indicating that they are cloaked. Note: Some software creates backup files ending in a particular suffix, such as. You can cloak such files. You can uncloak all files and folders in a site at the same time. The red lines through folder and file icons disappear, indicating that all files and folders in the site are uncloaked.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Cloak files and folders in your Dreamweaver site Search. Adobe Dreamweaver User Guide. Select an article: Select an article:. On this page About site cloaking Enable and disable site cloaking Cloak and uncloak site files and folders Cloak and uncloak specific file types Uncloak all files and folders.

Applies to: Adobe Dreamweaver. Learn how to cloak and uncloak files and folders in your Dreamweaver site, and enable and disable site lcoaking. About site cloaking. Performing Put, Get, Check In, and Check Out operations Generating reports Finding newer local and newer remote files Performing sitewide operations, such as checking and changing links Synchronizing Working with Asset panel contents Updating templates and libraries. Enable and disable site cloaking.

Cloak and uncloak site files and folders. Select the folder s or file s you want to cloak or uncloak. Cloak and uncloak specific file types. Cloak specific cloakinb types within a site. Separate multiple file types with one space; do not use a comma or semicolon.

Uncloak specific file types within a site. In the Advanced Site Definition dialog box, do one of the following:. Deselect the Cloak Files Ending With option to uncloak all the file types listed in the box. Delete specific file types from the box to uncloak those file types.

Floaking OK. The red lines disappear from the affected files, indicating that they are uncloaked. Uncloak all files and folders. Select any file or folder in that site.

Cloak and Uncloak Files or Folders

Dreamweaver workspaces and views. The Dreamweaver workspace; Optimize Dreamweaver workspace for visual development; Search files based on filename or content | Mac OS; Set up sites. About Dreamweaver sites; Set up a local version of your site; Connect to a publishing server; Set up a testing server; Import and export Dreamweaver site settings. Cloaking is a function you can get to in the advanced menu of Dreamweaver, and it lets you designate a specific folder as being not for upload. This lets you save a folder full of pictures or code you may not want to use just yet. What does cloaking allow you to do when setting up a new site in the advanced setting? Exclude certain files or folders from site operations A public library wants to develop an educational website.

Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current. They are here for historical purposes only, as well as an optional starting point for designing new classes.

Please do not assume any of the classes you find here have slides, or have even been taught for many years. If you do use information in a syllabus, ensure that you have brought it up to date with contemporary EVE.

This chapter contains the standard information of this class pertaining to scheduling and class contents. The General Information should be sufficient to create a proper class topic for scheduling on the Eve University forum. Additional information relevant to the teacher is listed under Notes for the Teacher. Being invisible happens every time you jump through a stargate or a wormhole.

You can do it actively yourself by training for, buying and fitting a cloaking device. Cloaking isn't simple, and is easy to get wrong. If you notice any errors on the slideshow, or out-to-date information, or have an idea about something that should be added, please forum-PM Kivena.

This class is all about flying invisible ships. How to make your ship invisible, what exactly happens when it is invisible, and all the drawbacks you suffer whilst invisible. We'll also go over some common tips and tricks for cloaky people. Cloaking is actually a very common thing in EVE, you do it every time you jump through a stargate.

Cloaking Devices are not too difficult to train for or to fit, so you can fit one on any ship fairly easily. Actually using it effectively and benefitting from it - that is a bit more difficult. This is a fairly short class that should last about 45 minutes with some time after for any questions you may have about the use of cloaking devices. There's a slideshow that goes with it that I'll link in Class.

Feel free to type any questions in the Class. E-UNI chat channel as we proceed - I will try to answer your questions as they come during the class. The first thing we'll cover is the cloaking everybody does whenever they jump through a stargate or a wormhole.

When you jump through a stargate, you can see the stargate flash as you leave the system. After a few seconds, you will load the system and the grid on the other side of the gate, and this stargate will flash as you arrive. When you arrive, you are cloaked. If you zoom the camera into your ship you can see that your ship is invisible, and you can only see a translucent outline.

Although you are in the system - you are in the Local channel list, assuming this is not wormhole space - you do not appear in space, you do not appear on anyone's overview, you cannot be seen on the directional scanner, and you cannot be found with combat probes. This invisibility lasts for 60 seconds, after which you will immediately appear and your ship will seem to slowly become visible. It's worth pointing out now that the animation of your ship that occurs when you decloak starts at the moment you actually become fully decloaked.

In practice it's not a gradual thing. Similarly when you cloak, the same animation starts at the moment you actually become fully cloaked.

Becoming cloaked is not a gradual effect. In addition to all this, for the full 1 minute duration of the gate cloak, you are effectively invulnerable. You cannot be hit with any area-of-effect attacks, and you cannot be decloaked by people coming too close to you we'll cover how decloaking works normally a bit later in the class. This invulnerable gate cloak gives you one minute to assess the situation in this system before you are able to be found.

If you jumped into a huge flashy gate camp, don't panic right away - you have 1 minute to think about what to do! Something relevant to this is the initial 30 second invulnerability timer when you undock from a station. To become invisible without having to jump through a gate or wormhole every time, requires the use of a cloaking device.

A cloaking device is a high-slot module that can be found in the Electronics section of the market. It uses 1 MW of powergrid, and quite a lot more CPU - between 30 to usually, depending on the ship and the module itself. To be able to fit a cloaking device requires one skill, called Cloaking link skill in class.

This means cloaking is fairly easily doable even by complete newbros as long as they can afford the 3. It is also a rank 6 skill, so it can take quite a while to train. You only need level 1 to be able to fit the simplest cloaking device. You can fit two cloaks on a ship, but there's no point because when you try to activate either one of them, this happens: link in chat i.

Once your cloaking device is fitted, you simply hit it once for instant invisibility. It has no cycle time, and it does not require capacitor to run. It will last indefinitely, until one of the following happens: either a you hit it again to deactivate the cloak, or b you get within m of any object, which automatically decloaks you.

If you are already within m of any object, even if it's not on your overview, you get an error message. Very few people have corpses listed as biomass on the settings on their overview, for example, and they will stop you cloaking. It can be useful to have an overview tab that shows absolutely everything in space, which you can switch to if you are paranoid about being decloaked. If anybody, be they player or NPC, is yellow-boxing or red-boxing you - that is to say, they have you targeted - you cannot cloak.

In addition, if someone is targeting you with a Passive Targeter module active - which means they can target you without you seeing any yellow boxes - then you cannot cloak up. If you are already cloaked, you cannot cloak. This becomes an issue when you have just jumped through a stargate or wormhole, and still have the gate cloak.

You need to decloak before you can activate your own cloak. When you activate your cloaking device, you effectively disappear from space entirely. It is not possible to find you without resorting to bumping into you or setting off area-of-effect weapons in close proximity, and for both of these the enemy needs a good idea of where you are already.

If they see you cloak up not too far away for instance if you just jumped through a gate into their gate camp , then all they need is a fast ship and some skill and perhaps some luck , and decloaking you is not too difficult. This is why the moments immediately after you cloak up can be the most dangerous. Once you've cloaked up and moved away from your cloak position, unless you do something very silly you are effectively impossible to find. If anyone was attempting to target you when you cloaked up, they will fail.

Sometimes they receive the failure message before you disappear from their overview. The same message displays if you are trying to target something when it jumps out of system or is destroyed. Cloaking does not remove you from the Local channel list. If you see someone in the local channel, and you've checked all the stations, d-scanned everything, combat-probed everything and still drawn a blank, you can bet they are cloaked up somewhere.

Wormhole-space, on the other hand, doesn't have a local channel list at any time. You only appear in local if you talk in it. If you are cloaked up in wormhole-space, there's a good chance nobody knows you are there. Cloaking is very powerful when you live in wormhole-space.

Just as you were unable to cloak if an object is within m of you; if there is an object within m when you are cloaked, it will decloak you. You will not get a message about this, the only thing that will happen is that your cloaking device will stop pulsing green. It's very easy to not realise you are uncloaked. Other cloaked ships will not decloak you. You can have a fleet of 30 stealth bombers all cloaked up together, for example.

Of course if they are within m of each other, as soon as one decloaks for any reason, they all will. Whilst cloaked you cannot jump through gates or wormholes, and you cannot dock - you have to decloak before you can do all those things. You can however give Dock and Jump commands from range - and your ship will warp to the target as you would expect. Normally what happens is that the gate or the station then automatically decloaks you when you arrive - because you are within m of it - which then means your ship can dock or jump.

I'll talk more about this in the cloaking tips section towards the end. Whilst you are cloaked you cannot activate any modules at all. Any modules that are cycling when you cloak up, will automatically deactivate at the end of their cycle - even if you decloak before they come to the end of their cycle. However, you can activate modules in the first 5 seconds after you activated your cloaking device. This can be useful for propulsion modules especially. If you have trained thermodynamics, you can't pre-overheat modules while cloaked.

But you can use the sensor recalibration delay time to pre-overheat stuff. I'll tell you what that is in a bit. Being invisible does not make you invulnerable. You can still be hit by bombs, smartbombs, ECM bursts and similar area-of-effect modules.

There are three primary types of cloak, along with a small number of faction and officer versions. You can find cloaks in the Electronics and Sensor Upgrades section of the market. The Compact requires the Cloaking skill at level one, whereas the Improved requires Cloaking at level three. These have no fitting restrictions and can be fitted to any ship. The third type of cloak is the Covert Ops Cloaking Device.

As the description explains, this is a very specialised piece of technology. It is designed for use with specific ships only and requires the Cloaking skill at level four.

You can only fit the CovOps cloak on covops frigates, stealth bombers, force recon cruisers, blockade runner industrials, and strategic cruisers - Tech 3 ships - with the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem. There are four versions of these ships, one for each race. If you look at the descriptions for each of these ships, you can see that they all provide bonuses to CPU usage.

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