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Corrosive definition is - tending or having the power to corrode. How to use corrosive in a sentence. Mar 23, †Ј A lot of parents have said itТs nice to see the kids get a break from those social roles. The home, at its best, can be a place of freedom, a break from some of those social conventions. Pants.

How to stream video from a camera to a computer spring more than years ago, Xavier de Maistre, a well-to-do, well-read French army officer and balloon enthusiast, was sentenced to house arrest for a dueling incident. Like what is parasitism in biology Pevensie children, who stumbled into Narnia through an old wardrobe in a spare room, M.

During this long year of house arrest, our relationships to our homes, like M. Our homes have been a refuge and a prison, often filled with too many people and their newly adopted shelter dogs doing things the spaces were never meant for, like school, work and physical activity.

The 19th-century rural model Ч the home as the site of leisure and production Ч has been reprised, although the activity may be happening in a cramped apartment instead of an airy farmhouse. Partners and children have stayed put, which has been both a boon and a corrosive to family life, depending on the family Ч or the day.

Or maybe the home has been empty save for one human, and the place that was intended to be a launching pad or a respite from the energy of public life may have felt like solitary confinement. For the more than one million households that faced evictions last year, despite moratoriums in many statesthe idea of home is evanescent, a relationship not just fraught, but unattainable, as even basic shelter becomes a luxury Ч and more completely out of reach.

After so many months confined to our homes, we asked those who think about place Ч architects, urban policy experts, novelists Ч how our relationships with our homes have changed, and what home means to them. Their responses have been edited for clarity and condensed. Before, they used to take a break from us during working hours. We are paying more attention to them, but we are also wearing them out. They are tired of us.

We need to be gentler with them. Spaces dedicated to hospitality have been taken over by us, the hosts. The guest bedroom is now a study; the reception area, the gym. Home is not where we receive people anymore.

I worry that this change will last longer than the others. Home may no longer be hospitable for some time. The pandemic has been quite categorical about what types of households it deems safer than others: The solitary living is the safest, then the nuclear family home. The extended family home is threatened. Grandparents are isolated within the larger household, or away from it. The multiple family or shared homes or apartment buildings have entered into new spatial contracts that govern more strictly the behavior of the residents Ч not just what happens at home, but what happens outside.

What is even more disturbing is that different income levels have absorbed these changes differently. The more space you have, the easier it is. The difference between rich home and poor home has become much more exaggerated and visible. The book was made into a feature film in Now that Ms. Donoghue and her family have been living in a less dystopic version of that world, its lessons have been an inspiration. Not so much about the furniture placement Ч Ms.

Anytime Ma could say yes to Jack, she did. I tried to make it flexible, so she was able to say yes to running a race, and put the table on the bed. I think a lot of parents have adopted that mind-set. What can we say yes to? I suspended my rules about screen time.

They were living such a confined life, and everything fun was canceled. I decided that basic domestic harmony was the most important thing. I tried to make Jack and Ma kind of like buddies. The home, at its best, can be a place of freedom, a break from some of those social conventions. Pants optional, and all that. Marc Normanan urban planner, spent the year working virtually from his two-family house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he lives with his husband, Jonathan Massey, an architectural historian and dean of the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

What does corrosive mean in science for kids the line between office and home was erased, Mr. Norman said he felt both liberated from the commute and stifled without it. But the experience also showed the promise, he said, of ideas urban planners have had for years: How cities with less rigid, more inclusive zoning and a revenue model less dependent on property ownership might make for more just, affordable and humane communities.

Those rules were put in place assuming the need to impose segregation of uses, races and family types. We are living with the legacy of exclusionary zoning and racial covenants. When this is over, there is going to be the fallout of: What do we do with all this isolated office and commercial real estate? I hope that, going forward, we are able to determine for ourselves how we want to use our spaces and our cities.

That all plays into the revenue how much testosterone should i inject cities. We pay for everything with property taxes. Should we? In Europe, they pay for social services, transportation and health care with the Value Added Tax. I think we should be thinking about that. Part of the problem is we decided to raise revenue in certain ways that are about property ownership and the necessity of increasing value as the only way to pay for schools and other necessities.

Kim Gordon designs and builds rustic modern houses for tech and record executives and new media moguls in Venice Beach, Calif. Her glass-and-timber houses have been emblematic of a lifestyle that has stretched out for more than a what does corrosive mean in science for kids in open-plan spaces, with kitchens that flow into living rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and not much storage.

When Covid first hit, I was in the middle of designing this wonderful home in the Pacific Palisades, and I started to research those no-touch faucets, thinking of keeping everything clean. But now I want my house to not be that way.

So at home, I want to feel safe enough to touch my own faucet. The lack of hugging means you want to hug and touch more. It is what does corrosive mean in science for kids, of course, a critically acclaimed movie starring Frances McDormand, with multiple Oscar nominations. For the book, Ms. Bruder traveled with her subjects in a white GMC Vandura she named Halen, after the s hair band, a vehicle that soon become a cherished home.

Bruder, who lives in Brooklyn, was scheduled to speak last spring. She had hoped to reunite with it then, but the pandemic canceled those plans. The more I stayed home, the less at home I felt. No out-of-town guests came to couch-surf. No communal meals were shared at the long oak table I built for that purpose. Sirens and helicopters made it hard to sleep. New York City had become a centrifuge, spitting friends out in faraway places.

So I decided to hit the road, loading up my Prius like a space capsule with all the necessities to sustain human life. Soon, home was a tent Ч on a Maine porch, in a New Hampshire backyard Ч for socially distant visits with friends. Or it what digital camera july 2012 staying in an Asheville basement, hanging out with family in the carport.

Or it was a spartan KOA cabin in Virginia, after it got aired out and the door handles were Cloroxed. Kate Wagner is the architecture critic for The New Republic, and the creator of the satisfying McMansion Hell blogwhich chronicles the excesses of that housing type. She does not live in a McMansion, or even a house, but a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago, where she has been confined with relative ease, thinking about privacy and consent, and how the open office has migrated to the Zoom-ified house.

Life has gotten so much less private. The idea of my seventh-grade self being in Zoom school and seeing the bedroom what does corrosive mean in science for kids my seventh-grade crush would just be too much. McMansions formulated this idea of a room for everything Ч a wrapping room, a man cave, a theater, a bar Ч and brought so much of public life what does corrosive mean in science for kids the house.

I was thinking maybe they were right all along. When you bring those luxuries into the house, it robs them of their currency. It reminds me of when I was in high school. I would go to school, not talk to anyone and come home and read or how to cook pork crackling joint terrible science fiction.

I lived a totally interior life. What if this is just better for me, to live a life of isolation? For over a decade, Jeremiah Moss Ч the pseudonym of Griffin Hansbury, a writer and psychoanalyst Ч has chronicled, and mourned, the physical casualties of gentrification, particularly in his home neighborhood, the East Village. Yet the events of the last year have mostly alleviated those feelings for him. Half of the people living in the East Village left between last March and May, and my sense is that a lot of the people who left were the people who made the neighborhood feel less like home.

The way I think about the psychic space of the East Village I came to is it was a place of otherness, of deviance Ч using that term sociologically, so deviating from the dominant norm. During the pandemic year, there has been a resurgence of connectedness. We were looking at each other again, recognizing each other on the street. I was hanging out in Times Square, which is a crazy thing for a New Yorker to say. Without the tourists, it had become a magnet for the marginalized and queer, for artists and for Black and brown working-class New Yorkers.

It also became a hub of protests. So all of this makes me what does corrosive mean in science for kids at home. Tragedy breaks us out of the status quo, wakes us up, and in that wakefulness we can be more humane.

When Covid started, housing advocates said we needed a moratorium on evictions, and they were how to say marry me in italian out of the room. And then, lo and behold, we had one in New York, and then all over the country, and then from the federal government.

Are those moratoriums airtight and perfect?

WeТre Tired of Our Homes Ч and TheyТre Tired of Us

Science Dictionary, Glossary and Terms: Corrosive - Is the wearing away of the surface of a metal by chemical reactions with oxygen and water. When a metal reacts with substances around it, such as water or air, it corrodes. Apr 08, †Ј Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. Just as important as defining what forgiveness is, though, is understanding what forgiveness is not. Experts who study or teach forgiveness make . Jul 03, †Ј Dr. Helmenstine holds a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and is a science writer, educator, and consultant. She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels.

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'corrosive. Send us feedback. See more words from the same century. Accessed 18 Apr. More Definitions for corrosive. See the full definition for corrosive in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Nglish: Translation of corrosive for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of corrosive for Arabic Speakers. What made you want to look up corrosive?

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Login or Register. Save Word. Definition of corrosive. Keep scrolling for more. Other Words from corrosive corrosive noun. Synonyms for corrosive Synonyms acerb , acerbic , acid , acidic , acidulous , acrid , barbed , biting , caustic , cutting , mordant , pungent , sarcastic , sardonic , satiric or satirical , scalding , scathing , sharp , smart-aleck , smart-alecky , smart-mouthed , snarky , tart Visit the Thesaurus for More.

Examples of corrosive in a Sentence She argues that racism is dangerous and corrosive to society. Recent Examples on the Web Instead the effects of a lack of employee voice in business are much more subtle and corrosive. First Known Use of corrosive 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Learn More about corrosive. Time Traveler for corrosive The first known use of corrosive was in the 14th century See more words from the same century. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster.

Dictionary Entries near corrosive corrosional corrosion border corrosion fatigue corrosive corrosive sublimate corrosivity corrugate See More Nearby Entries. Style: MLA. English Language Learners Definition of corrosive. Kids Definition of corrosive. Medical Definition of corrosive Entry 1 of 2. Other Words from corrosive corrosiveness noun.

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