what is the plural form of datum

The plural form of datum is data or datums. 1 plural data \ ?da- t?, ?da- also ?da- \: something given or admitted especially as a basis for reasoning or inference an important historical datum This enormous expense—and considerable risk—to pick up a datum or two about geriatrics? — Charles Krauthammer.

An example of a datum is a new scientific how to wolf whistle with one hand used to reach a conclusion about the common cold. An example of a datum is the assumed altitude of a specific piece of land used as the basis in calculating the altitude of the top of a mountain what is the plural form of datum the land.

The "immediate datu of theological knowledge is the faith of the community," and from this positive religious datum theology constructs a "total view of the world and human life. The first of these methods yields a hypsographical, or - if the sea-bottom be included, in which case all contours are referred to a common datum line - a bathy hypsographical map.

Carl Ritter, inemployed graduated tints, increasing in lightness on proceeding from the lowlands to the highlands; while General F. There is, however, one good datum if it can be dorm talents of silver 2 Kings xviii. Home Dictionary Meanings Datum. Filters 0. Something known or assumed; information from which conclusions can be inferred. The foem of a datum is a fact used to make a conclusion or a point of reference in geography or geology.

A point, line, or surface used as a reference, as in surveying, mapping, or geology. A real or assumed thing, used as a basis for calculations or measurements, as a level also datum plane from which elevations and depths are measured in surveying. The singular form of data; for example, one datum. It is rarely used, and data, its plural form, is commonly used for both singular and plural.

The scale is arbitrarily defined, such as from 1 to 10 by ones, 1 to by 0. A fact or proposition used to draw a conclusion or make a how to embed flash in email. Origin of datum.

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Datum Sentence Examples

Data is the plural of Datum. But it must be remembered that the ‘datum’ has become almost outdated/absolete. So ‘data’ is being used as plural as well as singular Noun. Most of the foreign words more frequently being used in English language ending with - . The singular form of data; for example, one datum. It is rarely used, and data, its plural form, is commonly used for both singular and plural. 0. 0. (plural: data) A measurement of something on a scale understood by both the recorder (a person or device) and the reader (another person or device).

The word data has generated considerable controversy on whether it is an uncountable noun used with verbs conjugated in the singular, or should be treated as the plural of the now-rarely-used datum.

In one sense, data is the plural form of datum. Datum actually can also be a count noun with the plural datums see usage in datum article that can be used with cardinal numbers e. The debate over appropriate usage continues, [2] [3] [4] but "data" as a singular form is far more common. In English , the word datum is still used in the general sense of "an item given". In cartography , geography , nuclear magnetic resonance and technical drawing , it is often used to refer to a single specific reference datum from which distances to all other data are measured.

Any measurement or result is a datum , though data point is now far more common. Data is most often used as a singular mass noun in everyday usage. In The New York Times , the phrases "the survey data are still being analyzed" and "the first year for which data is available" have appeared within one day.

In scientific writing , data is often treated as a plural, as in These data do not support the conclusions , but the word is also used as a singular mass entity like information e. For example, the Air Force Flight Test Center specifically states that the word data is always plural, never singular.

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