what is the purpose of a map key

The purpose of a map key is to help you figure out how and what distance you're going to travel or how long you've been traveling. The purpose of a map key is to help you figure out how and what It. Jul 30,  · Just like your house key is a useful tool to open your house, a legend and map key are both the keys of a map. Nowadays, the map key definition is the same for .

Asked by Wiki User. The purpose ie a map key is to help you figure out how and what distance you're going to travel or how long you've been traveling. It also tells you the symbols on a map. To show you purlose things are on a map.

The map key is different on any map; It helps you understand how to read the putpose. Sometimes there are symbols you do not understand, so the key describes what they mean. The key explains what the map's symbols mean. It will tell you what the symbols mean that are used in the map. The graph key is to make sure everyone understands what things mean, like a map key.

It explains what each symbol, color, or markings on a map mean. It makes the map easier to read and you don't have to label everything. The key on a map identifies symbols that are used on that map, for example, different maps may use a what is the purpose of a map key symbol to highlight a hospital's location, so each map has a key - or a legend - to explain it's symbols.

For example:an airplane for an airport. The map key or legend helps map readers understand the relative distances, features, and sites printed on the map. When you open a map, you can usually find the legend near a corner.

The legend identifies the symbols used on the map, the distance bars and the caveats that the map makers included in the map. Map components are the components of a map! The key on iw map explains what the symbols and images on the map mean. A map key shows the importance of the map. For example, on a Physical Keg, you oc use the map key to find the national capital or how long does the music bullet take to charge countries.

The key, or legend, is a list of symbols and their meaning using on the map. The scale is what a measure on the map represents a distance on the ground. For instance: a scale of one to fifty-thousand means 1 centimetre on the map is actually 50, centimetres on the ground. The map key is a list of symbols and their meaning used in the map. The key on a map is what shows you what the psychical features or images on the map mean. A map key looks like a map with keys on it!

The map key at the how to use hypercam 3 of the map will tell us what kind of road that is. What information in found on the map key. A title, a grid of sorts, an accurate map scale and a map key or map legend. Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. Explain the purpose thhe a key on a map? Purpose of map key or legend?

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What is the purpose of a key map? Explain the purpose of a key ona map? What is the purpose for a key or legend on a map? What is the purpose of what is the purpose of a map key map key or legend?

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MAP Keys for Hospitals and Health Systems

Aug 04,  · Sometimes called a legend, a map key is a table that explains what the symbols on a map mean. This helps the person reading the map understand where to find certain items. For example, a map of a mall may have symbols that reveal bathrooms, places to . The MAP Keys? are strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) that set the standard for revenue cycle excellence in the health care industry. Developed by industry leaders led by HFMA, these industry-standard metrics define the essentials of revenue cycle performance in . Map-key meaning A legend; a small description of the symbols used, in an inset.

Maps contain lots of information. Most maps will have the five following things: a Title, a Legend, a Grid, a Compass Rose to indicate direction, and a Scale. The Title tells you what is being represented on the map i. Austin, Tx. The legend also know as the key explains the symbols used on the map for various features like mountains or rivers and other major landmarks.

Next, there is usually a grid made up of longitude and latitude lines to precisely locate specific locations. Then, there is the compass rose indicating the cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West as it relates to the map.

Finally, the scale compares the distances on the map to actual distances i. Knowing about these 5 things will help you better understand information when using maps.

It may seem a simple place to start, but every map needs a title. The title indicates the theme of the map, explaining what is represented in the image you see. A common theme most people are familiar with is that of a roadmap, showing drivable streets and other avenues of transit generally associated with daily travel. There are, however, several other prominent themes represented in maps, of which the political and physical are the most widely used.

Political maps show the borders and territorial designations that countries have decided upon, whereas physical maps aim to accurately recreate a visual representation of the physical landscape of a given zone. To put the information of the map into context, cartographers must add a map scale.

The presence of a map scale allows for a map to be physically and visually distinct from other maps, yet still accurately represent the same relative amount of distance between each feature.

The map scale usually appears as a series of lines taken from a ruler and added to the page in one corner with a label of the specific units of measurement used. Next to or underneath this measurement is the real-world distance physically represented by each unit of distance on the scale, such that one inch on the map is equivalent to one mile or even hundreds of miles depending on the scope of the image. The explanation for all the symbols scattered throughout the image falls into the category of a map key.

For practical purposes, physical maps tend to limit the number of different symbols used in a single given image. It can also be helpful to know that political maps may show geographic features as reference, but their general focus lies on roads, cities, bridges, and borders, with the proper iconography labeling each within the map key.

A small, but important part of each map is the directional reference. Known as a compass or compass rose, its purpose is to distinguish North from South and East from West. A compass rose usually appears as a four- to eight-pointed star with the top point generally labeled as North, with East and West to the right and left respectively, and the bottom-most point, or downward, labeled as South.

The last feature critical to all maps falls into the ability to label a specific location on the planet in such a way that can be described verbally or written down. To achieve this, cartographers use an agreed-upon imaginary grid of lines. The numbering of this grid increases with the distance from each of these starting points, up to degrees from either side creating a complete degree circle around the planet in any direction.

This vertical zero line runs the height of the planet from North pole to South pole through Greenwich, England. Thanks for watching, and happy studying! Home Study Guide Flashcards.

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