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Nov 30,  · Researchers have established a link between testosterone, type 2 diabetes, obesity and renal failure, leading them to ask if testosterone could be a metabolic hormone. Doctors prescribe. Feb 01,  · Why Do Women Need Testosterone? The ovaries and adrenal glands produce small quantities of testosterone in women. According to Dr. Jennifer Robinson, who is an expert in the epidemiology of chronic diseases, estrogen together with small levels of testosterone in women are sex hormones that are involved in the growth and repair of reproductive tissues and other body tissues .

Y ou need to be a certain kind of person to want a reality-TV show about yourself. Jeffrey Young was one of those people. InYoung, who was 42 at the time, invited a cameraman to shoot a pilot episode about his life as a nurse practitioner in Jackson, Tennessee. But Young was eager to let the world know that he was no typical nurse practitioner. Throughout Jackson, he had created for himself a reputation as a rock-and-roll renegade, happily showing off his piercings, tattoos, and goatee.

He blasted heavy metal at his private practice and filled his Instagram what type of testosterone do doctors prescribe with photos of himself smoking cigars. In his frequent social-media updates, he would drink and flip off the camera. Though he was not an M. His vision was, evidently, to one day launch a reality series of the same name. In one scene, he and his best friend, a pharmaceutical representative named John Kevin Phillips, broadcast themselves on the video-streaming app Periscope.

Young grabs them and takes a big whiff. The waiting room often overflowed with patients. He exhibited a certain tenderness as he filled syringes and sutured skin.

For the cosmetically minded, he hosted alcohol-fueled Botox parties. But the way in which Young gained some of these fans has become the focus of a federal court case. In Aprilh e was indicted on drug-trafficking charges, along with five other medical providers in Jackson, two of whom were the supervising physicians Young, as a nurse practitioner, was required to have.

Prosecutors what type of testosterone do doctors prescribe Young used his rebellious persona to take advantage of patients, distributing highly addictive painkillers on demand and in large quantities for profit—and, often, his own sexual gratification. At least 50 women are thought to have come to the clinic to have sex with Young, some of them allegedly doing so in exchange for drugs, according to court testimony. Young has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Through his attorney, he declined to comment on this and the other allegations in this story because of a gag order issued by the judge in the case.

Over the past two decades, opioids have claimed more thanAmerican lives. The allegations against Young point toward an especially sordid type of abuse in which some doctors victimize patients twice: first by getting them addicted to drugs, and then by sexually exploiting them. In the past five years, at least 40 medical providers nationwide have been accused of exchanging sex for addictive drugs.

How to make rocking chair legs other factor might help account for his long, illicit career: the sheer number of patients who stood by him, almost to the very end. In Mayshortly after Young was indicted, I traveled to Jackson to try to understand the place that gave rise to the Rock Doc.

Others accused me of seeking to discredit Young and slander his name. Jackson, a city of about 70, people, looks like almost any midsize patch of America that sprang up sometime after the Pilgrims but before Microsoft. On my trip, I strolled by a glass case near the federal courthouse that held a large Bible opened to the Gospel of John. A restaurant called the Little Rebel displayed a Confederate flag. There is a friendliness, too, that one associates with the South. Obesity and diabetes are rampant; so is chronic pain.

To deal with the latter, the city, like so many others in America, has become ever more reliant on opioids. Many medical providers are small-business owners who operate with limited oversight from authorities. Young grew up in Bethel Springs, a person village near Jackson. In his early adulthood, he was a straitlaced young Republican who had short hair and wore a tie much of the time, one of his former co-workers told me.

He graduated from Union University, an evangelical Christian school, inthen earned a degree from the University of Tennessee College of Nursing in Young got married, then quickly got divorced, according to several people who knew him how to consolidate student loans in default. He remarried in InYoung was working at a cardiology practice in Jackson when, with a consultant named Rich Reitz and cardiologist named Dharmesh Patel, he set up a side business giving talks to doctors about treating heart attacks and strokes.

What type of testosterone do doctors prescribe says he and his girlfriend came up with the unwieldy name—a futuristic combination of prevent and genetics. Patel did not respond to requests for comment. The clinic sat on a quiet road crammed with other medical practices—a sleep doctor, a dentist, a nephrologist, an orthodontist—each in its own brick McMansion.

PreventaGenix, with its Doric columns and grand portico, appeared to preside over the rest. A t firstYoung seemed to Reitz like an affable, outgoing dad who loved rock and practiced medicine. But Young soon revealed a blustering personality that started to overwhelm the what type of testosterone do doctors prescribe project.

Young seemed eager to hire lots of staff, but would end up firing them later. A few months into their new venture, Reitz and Young were supposed to meet to discuss the running of the clinic. Instead, Young began by kicking Reitz out of the business, Reitz told me. Patel left soon after.

Fullington, who was also let go, told me she what time is it in east tennessee a threatening call from Young.

What type of testosterone do doctors prescribe his colleagues were out of the business, Young began crafting a persona based around rock music and hard living. He decked out PreventaGenix with psychedelic artwork and set the stereo to loud rock. On Instagram, photos tagged preventagenix show Young on a motorcycle, what type of testosterone do doctors prescribe by women.

Some speculated that it could have been drugs, alcohol, the prospect of fame, a divorce from his second wife the year after PreventaGenix launched, or a combination of all of them. Whatever the inspiration, his new persona was good for business. As Young collected more tattoos and befriended more local bands, he began to attract a certain clientele.

Strippers, tattoo artists, and rock-band groupies saw a kindred spirit in Young and came to him as patients. The next morning, the office manager, Kristie Gutgsell, would clean up after them. Sometimes the two men would fight, and broken glass would litter the floor. Later, Phillips pleaded guilty to threatening a Drug Enforcement Administration agent who was investigating Young.

Through his lawyer, Michael R. Working, Phillips did not return several requests for comment. There was no statement even made to the Feds. Phillips popped off to a friend. Young was late to the office almost every day.

One employee recalled him sometimes being too drunk to see patients. They would shut off the power so they had an excuse to close the clinic on those days. This ingratiating tendency allegedly extended to handing out prescriptions. Young became known for putting drugs into the hands of almost anyone who asked.

Employees I spoke with said he eventually was seeing 50 to 85 patients a day, compared with about 20 for the average doctor, and most of them seemed to be on opioids. Endo denied the allegations. Sometimes patients seeking opioids go to different providers until they find one who is willing to prescribe to them. Otherwise, fledgling practices, in particular, risk losing patients. Though Young claimed that he also fired drug-seeking patients, Gutgsell testified in a deposition that he would meet some patients after hours and write them prescriptions anyway.

He seemed, to his former employees, constitutionally unable to deny patients the pills they wanted, even if it was the last thing they needed. He would sometimes brag about having sex on his lunch break, sharing with his staff pictures of his conquests, three employees said. They learned to ignore it.

At other times, PreventaGenix staffers would stumble upon a woman he had brought to the clinic the previous night. Young seemed to have been expecting them. As many as three women a day allegedly came to his office how to put moving pictures on desktop sex, though one former employee said Young might have had sex with more women after hours.

Former employees speculated that he met the women in bars. One employee, Karla Wright, testified later that she had never seen Young have sex with women at the office.

He messaged at least five how did the aztecs build chinampas for what purpose patients about sex and filling prescriptions, prosecutors would later say, detailing the anonymized encounters in court. They relied on messages obtained by agents during the investigations into Young.

Young was sometimes even more direct. Young appeared to operate more subtly. Though he portrayed himself as harmlessly vulgar, Young could, in fact, get violent with women. He has been arrested several timesthough not convicted, for assaulting women.

According to police reports and court records, his second ex-wife, Dawn, claimed that throughout their relationship Young repeatedly pushed, threatened, and attempted to rape her. Dawn did not press charges at the time, and she declined to speak with me for this story.

In addition to steroid shots, Young prescribed her oxycodone, Xanax, and Adderall for her various medical issues. Stephanie had been in an abusive relationship and dealt with a slew of other traumas. Being around Young made her feel emotionally safe, she said. During one club night, Young bought Stephanie two drinks and his friends handed them to her.

Minutes after finishing the second drink, Stephanie fell face-first onto the floor. Two bouncers made sure she got home, but when she woke up in bed the next morning, her eyes were black, her nose was broken, and her mouth was bleeding.

Even after this, she returned to Young as a patient. Lots of people refused to talk to me because they fear Young, but many others refused because they love him. One person with knowledge of the case gave me a list of several women who, the person believed, were having sex with Young in exchange for drugs.

Why Do Women Need Testosterone?

Doctors sometimes prescribe it off-label as an alternative option for people who cannot take testosterone therapy. Because clomiphene citrate increases testosterone levels, it may help improve. Testosterone therapy is not a continual treatment that goes on and on forever. Instead, it is a cyclical protocol that is prescribed on an individualized basis for each man. The initial goal is to raise the level of testosterone in the body to an acceptable “normal” point so . Mar 31,  · Type 2 diabetes is often triggered by obesity and results in an over-production of insulin, which can cause the ovaries to produce more testosterone. Thankfully, you can usually prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes with weight loss, exercise, and dietary changes.

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When we think of testosterone, we usually think of it as a male hormone, a marker of men's inherent masculinity. But testosterone is actually one of six hormones produced by the female reproductive organs as well.

It is often not until women enter menopause, however, or experience dissatisfaction in the bedroom, that they start to look more closely at their testosterone levels. Back in , researchers appearing in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommended the addition of androgen testosterone to estrogen for all women undergoing surgical menopause. Today, it's still a treatment that doctors offer to women struggling with the natural effects of menopause.

And some research has shown that testosterone can, in fact, provide the following benefits to women:. But though androgen therapy has been around since , many women are still wary about it. In the past, there have been reports of side effects such as hoarseness or other voice changes, or the development of facial hair, acne, or hypersexuality.

Then came the results of the Women's Health Initiative, a multi-year study on the long-term use of hormones to prevent chronic diseases such as cognitive decline or cardiovascular disease.

One study from as recently as found that combination progesterone and estrogen therapy caused an increased risk for invasive breast cancer, which is likely to be the reason the FDA has been slow in approving other hormones like testosterone for women. Still, doctors continue to prescribe its usage off-label, and the pharmaceutical industry certainly hasn't discouraged them from doing so.

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms over a long span of time, and it has been causing you personal distress, you should certainly talk to your gynecologist or primary care physician. If they can't help, they may be able to refer you to another medical practitioner who specializes in female sexual functioning, or to another sexuality professional. Testosterone replacement , however—available in oral estrogen-androgen combinations, injectable, and implantable forms, and in compounded testosterone creams — may not be the answer.

And the truth is, there is no actual metric by which doctors can measure and determine whether or not your testosterone levels are "low. Luckily, there are so many options these days. And the North American Menopause Society has even put together a free app called MenoPro that looks at a woman's health history and offers guidance for what women can do.

In the end, the best thing you can do is due diligence. Do your own research. Talk to your doctor. Consider all of the risks and benefits. And then choose the option that's best for you. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. Sarrel PM. Psychosexual effects of menopause: Role of androgens.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Efficacy and safety of transdermal testosterone in postmenopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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